The same (see title) goes for disrespectful boxing fans as well, but I saw somebody comment on a site recently that Anderson Silva is comparable to Muhammad Ali. Somebody responded to that comment by saying, “Oh, you can’t compare Silva to Ali because Ali was fightin’ guys with pillows on their hands”.

Rage mode: On.

Yeah, back in an era when boxers regularly wore 8/10 oz. gloves, back in an era where the gloves were manufactured in such a way where they’d literally fall apart — the stuffing inside — and everybody was getting hit with straight knuckles. The gloves were straight garbage. Yeah, pillows, huh?

These ‘pillows’ on these guys’ hands? Joe Frazier just so happened to break Muhammad Ali’s jaw — broke his damn jaw — and Ali finished the fight. You should have seen his jaw fater the fight, completely swollen and all. The man took Frazier’s best left hook of his entire career (even better than any of his knockouts). He absolutely cracked Ali, but Ali was up by the count of 3.

Earnie Shavers had the hardest right hand in boxing history. Ken Norton broke Ali’s jaw and Ali finished that fight, too. Ali took George Foreman’s best shots… Sonny Liston… you name it.

And this dumbshit of a clown leaves a comment saying that? That the guys of old were fighting with pillows on their hands? Get the fuck out.

If they were pillows, what were in the pillows? Bricks? The man finished two fights with a broken jaw in each respective fight. Did you not see what Larry Holmes did to him when Muhammad Ali clearly already had brain damage? That was back when Holmes was destroying everybody and had the title for about eight years at that point, and Ali took the best that Holmes had to offer and wouldn’t go down.

Muhammad Ali had one of the best chins in combat sports history.

I love both sports, but that kind of ludicrous idiocy pisses me off.

There’s a reason why there’s been more deaths and long term brain damage in boxing than MMA. The limitations of boxing make it a more brutal sport. You can’t avoid taking punches by shooting in for a double leg takedown, take the opponent’s back and choke him out. You have to by nature take more strikes to win a fight in boxing against high caliber opponents.

I was so flustered and pissed off I forgot to mention: a boxer takes many more strikes and punches than MMA fighters by nature. I don’t even want to type about this any more. How fucking disrespectful. How can a combat sports ‘fan’ disrespect Muhammad Ali?


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