Here’s a great writeup by Mark, a member from Sports Jabber (a sports forum I regularly visit):

Sporadically over the past few months we’ve heard about the new challenger to the four-letter word for sports in America. Yes, ESPN will have another competitor in little more than a week. But what do we really know about Fox Sports 1 and – more importantly – do the sports fans want or care to have a new rival for sports broadcasting?

From what I’ve read, the new channel will essentially replace SPEED on your channel selector beginning August 17. Bad news for Dave Despain, I suppose. They have Big East basketball, some college football and Erin Andrews, which are all nice assets. Finding them in the 600’s of my legion of available channels won’t be easy.

Honestly, though, in an era where everything sports and entertainment is overhyped and shouted at ear-splitting decibel levels, it’s been like hunting for subtlety from the Kardashians to find anything about their plans. It’s almost like they want to come in under the radar which is a shame.

I, for one, believe the sports-loving public is ready for the anti-ESPN. Give us basic sports news and highlights without all the debate shows (only PTI and Sports Reporters are really well done anyway). Give us insight and locker room stories from former athletes without maudlin human-interest stories. I hate to say I don’t care about LeBron’s charity work but – dammit – I don’t. I just want to know if he hit the last buzzer-beater.

And God help me if I see further expansion of the Little League World Series. 12-year-olds do not belong on national sports TV in the current multimedia world and often negative on-air environment. Let them become world-famous media stars when they’ve done something to deserve it – in high school.

So, will I watch Fox Sports 1? I’ll probably give it a chance here and there. But the obsequiousness of ESPN and its over-arching ubiquitousness into barber shops, airports and shopping malls – not to mention bars – will make it very tough on the newbie. Here’s wishing them luck.

On the bright side, I hear Olbermann is coming back to ESPN. That should be non-controversial.

I’m so sick of the self-aggrandizing propagation from the self-fixated puppeteer jerkoff Sports Center anchors. I can’t make it through an episode of Sports Center without wanting to deliver a spinning wheel kick to everybody involved in the show. Just give me the damn highlights — no silly nicknames or overdone catch phrases, please.

As Mark said, the only shows truly worth a damn on ESPN are Pardon the Interruption and the Sports Reporters. And the Sports Reporters is merely a half hour show that comes on, on Sunday mornings that I don’t believe is replayed, so I usually miss it since I like to sleep in. I’ll also tune into ESPN Radio just for The Herd. ESPN’s College Gameday during the football season is one hell of a show as well, although I’m more of an NFL guy (NFL Primetime is a pain to get through these days).

There’s the show “First Take”, with Stephen A. Smith and Skip Bayless, but all that show has become is sensationalized sports media debate between two guys yelling and screaming at each other. I watch occasionally, but viewers are lured just from the ‘yelling at one another’ dramatic aspect alone. I’m no beacon of brevity myself, but both guys are so long-winded, I can’t even imagine either of them on a show like PTI when there’s only a minute or so to discuss one topic. They wouldn’t make the cut. Cari Champion, the moderator? She doesn’t know jack shit about sports, and she constantly gums up the works of the show by interjecting her two cents, unnecessarily laughing and giggling and ruining the flow of the entire program.

I’m sick of hearing about Alex Rodriguez. He used steroids. Now shut the fuck up.

Johnny Manziel? Typical 20-year-old, spoiled college kid with rich parents. He’s never faced true adversity at all in his life, and he’s naive as hell. Let’s allow people to make dumb mistakes. Dumb mistakes are a part of life and a natural teaching method to grow and mature, to experience. Manziel has a lot of maturity to live up to. Let him grow into a man, ESPN.

My interest in Fox Sports 1 was peaked when the UFC announced there would be live events shown on the network. First up? August 17th which will feature a pretty nice card backed by the main event of Mauricio Shogun Rua and Chael Sonnen.

As for the rest of the channel, I’m intrigued as to what else there will be offered. Hoping for the best. ESPN has been driving me crazy for years (that’s well documented on here).


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