Anyone and everyone will find anything and everything to criticize about someone. In this case, it’s the usual shtick of trying to knock a top dog down a peg/notch. Because the Korean Zombie, Chan-Sung Jung, separated his shoulder this past Saturday night and Jose Aldo took advantage of that, quickly ended the fight and celebrated, folks from the good ol’ MMA online communities are flipping out.

Y’know, I’m surprised at all the post-fight hate on Aldo. He admitted to attacking a weakness to end the fight and everyone thinks he’s a sociopathic asshole? If Edson Barboza sees you stagger as you take a step forward because you can’t put all of your weight on your leg and then throws yet another leg kick at you, is he a complete douchebag? Is he unsportsmanlike?

josealdo1Jose Aldo wasn’t looking to do permanent damage to Chan-Sung Jung or threaten his career — he was looking for the fastest path to ending the fight.

As for Aldo’s celebration, give the guy his moment. It didn’t end the way as most had hoped, but was still in front of a very supportive home crowd and he wanted to absorb it. He also did go and check on the Korean Zombie and was respectful towards him. The people complaining about Aldo celebrating are those that have likely never competed in MMA nor do they understand the adrenaline rushes that occur in such scenarios.

Someone will always hate you or dislike what you do or who you are. If you waste time worrying about it, they’ll drag you down. This is why Jose Aldo hasn’t lost a fight since the year 2005 and the detractors spewing complaints are merely basement dwellers.


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