The outrage continues to pour out over this past Saturday night’s co-main event and how it all went down with the judges. Like I said, all over the online MMA communities people think quickly, impulsively and with a lot of emotions. They don’t take the extra time to sit back and develop some perspective over what’s happened. Even now, albeit it’s been over 36+ hours after the Lyoto Machida/Phil Davis three round battle that saw Davis get the victory via unanimous decision, people are still flipping out.

Machida connected on more significant strikes and strikes to the head while Davis landed more overall strikes and scored takedowns at the end of the first and second rounds. People say that the overall strike count is a bogus stat compared to significant strikes and that his two takedowns were insignificant due to Machida stuffing several of his other takedown attempts and for the fact that the two takedowns that were scored occurred late in the rounds.

It doesn’t matter that the takedowns were scored late. It’s the mere fact that takedowns occurred, and the fact that they happened during the later part of both rounds 1 and 2 left a lasting impression on the judges.

All I’ve heard about Lyoto Machida lately is that Dana White has screwed him over by lying to him after promising a title shot versus light heavyweight champion Jon Jones twice. Well, to earn that supposed title shot he beat Mauricio “Shogun” Rua and Dan Henderson in fights that were very questionable (the outcome, that is). Neither of his victories against either Rua or Henderson were decisive.

Davis won the fight not only by landing more overall strikes and leaving a lasting impression on the judges with the pair of late round takedowns on Machida, but he also controlled the pace of the fight. Machida waited for Davis to make mistakes while Mr. Wonderful was constantly in movement pacing and sidestepping to the left, a smart move considering Machida’s southpaw fighting stance. This allowed Davis to maneuver easily while forcing Machida to adjust.

“The metric stats give the favor of the fight to Lyoto Machida!” is what people are saying. Well, computers don’t have eyes. They can’t see the fight. Computers cannot figure out the intricate details of pacing, control or anything about ground game control. So that’s a moot point.


2 thoughts on “Why All Three Judges Gave Phil Davis the U.D. Victory over Lyoto Machida

  1. Machida got robbed, but I think he should and could have been more aggressive. It was hard to for him, as a southpaw, given Davis’s explosiveness and constant movement to the left. Nice breakdown! You are my favorite writer on the web.

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