MMA athletes are the toughest sons of bitches on the planet (in the realm of all sports, anyhow). Last night proved why.

Before continuing on, let it be known that the Korean Zombie, Chan-Sung Jung, separated his shoulder while attempting to land an overhand right on Jose Aldo, while Aldo fought the last two rounds of the main event for UFC 163 with a broken foot. After Jung separated his shoulder, Aldo took advantage with three high spinning wheel kicks. With what? Yes, his broken foot. That was just before landing the Korean Zombie on his back and against the cage before Aldo took advantage by repeatedly striking him in the head before the referee Herb Dean called the fight off in the 4th round.

Two huge injuries in one big time featherweight title fight. Onto the rest of the night (and I’ll be back to this one in a minute).

Brian Stann did a phenomenal job commentating. It was obvious that he does his homework and is extremely professional, as it was nice to hear great input during the fight. To me he was in no way biased. Brandon Vera claimed he was towards Lyoto Machida in the Machida/Phil Davis fight, but to be fair Machida showed excellent takedown defense against a national champion wrestler in Phil “Mr. Wonderful” Davis and landed the more impressive strikes (even though Davis landed more (overall) strikes and takedowns, which truly earned him the win). Personally I look forward to more commentary from Stann in the future and am excited to see him working football games and MMA events.

Back to the main event fight: Jose Aldo showed that he has more in his arsenal. His wrestling was displayed last night when he fought Chan-Sung Jung in what appeared to be a “play it safe performance”. While Aldo was playing it smart, he still was impressive. It was odd to see virtually zero leg kicks thrown and it was a shame to see Jung go down with a shoulder injury when it appeared the tides were turning his way. And the lack of leg kicks? Obviously we found out, later, that Aldo broke his dominant foot.

Phil Davis is now one or two wins away from a title shot. Currently the division is solidly booked, but a few people do come to mind. A rematch with Rashad Evans? Attempt to put him up against Vitor Belfort? I would say the Glover Teixeira/Ryan Bader winner, but I think Teixeira will get a padded run to the title. The future here is truly unknown.

It’s time for Machida to move to 185. Nothing left for him at Light Heavyweight. With the possibility of Machida moving to 185 (he has stated he will go there) as well as the return of former number one contender Thales Leites, the middleweight division will be the strongest that it has been in the history of the UFC.

Amanda Nunes made a fun debut in the UFC.  And last night further proved how the flyweights, bantamweights and women’s bantamweight fighters need more exposure. All of the women that have been in the UFC have given it their all. Same goes for the flyweights.

Now with Fox Sports 1 coming, the UFC will be on FOX, FX, Fuel, FS1 and on pay-per-view. With all of those outlets, it is time to market the newer divisions. Too much talent to not show off.

Also, congratulations to Anthony Perosh. Oldest fighter in the UFC and knocks out a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu phenom. Appears Vinny Magalhães may be done. Such a shame he was never able to get to his potential as a mixed martial artist. But with all of his injury-related setbacks, it is hard to get to where you want to be.


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