Last night’s UFC on Fox 8 flashed the telltale discrepancy between casual MMA fans and the diehards. Those who trashed Rory MacDonald’s performance versus Jake Ellenberger and those who understand and empathize with MacDonald’s rather quiet win.

Out of the four fights on last night’s free card on Fox, the most heralded and hyped up one was the bout between the aforementioned: Rory MacDonald and Jake Ellenberger, a Welterweight battle with implications to shake up the division. The fight was expected to be a war because of Ellenberger’s usual style, but it ended up being a wait-and-see technical battle that had people bitching all night across the MMA internet/social media landscape.

“Why was Rory so scared of Ellenberger?! What the hell was his problem! MacDonald’s a pussy!”

Two fighters, one fight, with so much on the line. Potential title implications and a horde of money at stake.

Rory MacDonald dominated Ellenberger. He wasn’t ‘scared’. He didn’t shy away from his usual gameplan. He fought to win. He landed his jab repeatedly and more often than not it was Ellenberger who was backing up and shying away. Ellenberger, instead of counterpunching, he simply backed away and threw nothing. Rory clearly won the fight in his comfort zone. It’s the responsibility of the fighter who is losing to go for broke and try to create a fight, something Jake never did. MacDonald’s performance wasn’t stunning nor is that kind of fight entertaining, but he out-landed Ellenberger and dominated the contest.

Fight to win. Don’t fight to entertain. Fight to win and you will eventually be a champion. Fight to entertain and your career won’t last too long.

The above line? Meathead casual MMA fans don’t understand that. They are in it for the blood/gore, fucked up limbs and haymakers.

If you’re getting your face jabbed in for three rounds straight and have had no answer of any kind, it’s on YOU to take risks to win the fight.

The man who’s not taking any damage and is clearly up on the scorecards should not feel obligated to suddenly do something stupid and possibly cost them the fight.

And I don’t know if anyone noticed but that jab of Rory’s that everyone’s downing busted up Jake’s face pretty good.

Jake Ellenberger showed the rest of the Welterweight division that his game has some big holes. In the meantime, it’s time to make Robbie Lawler vs. Nick Diaz happen as soon as possible.


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