If Ryan Braun told me the sky was blue, I’d have to run outside really quick to validate his claim.

Every time a steroid user, past roid user, or some other “performance enhancing drug” (subjective phrase, which I’ll change to illegal PED, as noted by Major League Baseball) using SOB admits to use after previously lying about having done anything to supraphysiologically enhance their natural, bodily state, outrage occurs. A few weeks of drama ensues, the player under scrutiny remains that way for a while and is accordingly punished with a fine and suspension, and topics of “is baseball doin’ enough?!” come up.

Braun’s only going to be gone for the remainder of this season. The guy will be back for next year, and regardless of what his team — the Milwaukee Brewers — do with him, he’s still owed $103 million. So, for him, in and with his mentality, who gives a shit? He’s making bank and gets to sit on the couch and do nothing for about seven months.

I’m not an Ryan Braun fan nor am I a detractor, so my thoughts on him are neutral given those facts. He’s a pathological liar. Either he lied before (February 2012) or he’s lying now. And to him, none of this matters. It simply doesn’t. Why should it? Is he reputation marred? Yep. But the way things go in sports these days is a lot like how society reacts to the 24/7 news cycle: whatever happens is forgotten about in two weeks.

The second biggest thing the MLB could do is force Braun to make appearances to Brewers game and stand out to wave to the fans before games, in Milwaukee and for away games. Have him give speech after speech before each game. Tell the fans what he did. Admit his usage straight up. Humiliation at its finest.

The biggest thing pro baseball could do to him? Ban him from the game, forever. Either let everyone use steroids or give them lifetime bans once caught. Curtail the bullshit. Won’t happen, though.


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