Don’t misinterpret me: I have no problem with change. Positive change, that is. It’s productive and for the betterment of a person, people or things. Unnecessary and negative change? I’m not a fan of it. It’s the “why fix what’s not broken?” mentality that’s deeply instilled within me.

— Doc Rivers is the Los Angeles Clippers’ head coach.
— Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett are a part of the Brooklyn Nets.
— The Boston Celtics’ new head coach is Brad Stevens.

This has all transpired since the Celtics lost to the New York Knicks in the first round of the NBA playoffs back in early May.

Is it good change or negative change? Neither, as far as I can tell. The true answer to the question will be answered in years from now.

Right now, from where I stand, it’s necessary change. Whether you want to admit it or not, as tough of a pill as it is to swallow for us Celtics fans, these modifications to the team were necessary.

The new-look Celtics look like they want to have a suicidal rally together. Holy shit. Keith Bogans, MarShon Brooks and Kris Karadashian (I mean Humphries)... whaddup, brahs?! Welcome to the temporary land of Boston basketball futility, yo!
The new-look, newly acquired Celtics look like they want to have a suicidal rally together. Holy shit. Keith Bogans, MarShon Brooks and Kris Kardashian (I mean Humphries)… whaddup, brahs?! Welcome to the temporary land of Boston basketball futility, yo!

Kevin Garnett is 37-years-old and Paul Pierce is going to be 36 by the end of the year. Obviously, neither of them are getting any younger and this team isn’t getting any better without major changes. Doc Rivers had been the head coach of the team since 2004 and it looked like it was his time to leave as the roster changed and an overhaul was needed.

I don’t know what the hell to think, y’know, about Pierce not being in a green and white Celtics uniform. It’s feels fucked up to me. He’s been a Celtics since 1998. I’m not even going to begin to attempt to put my thoughts and feelings into words at this time. “The Truth”, as he was nicknamed when Shaquille O’Neal dubbed him the “Motherfucking Truth” over a decade ago, is one of the all-time greatest players in the history of The Pride and The Glory of The Boston Celtics, which is saying a lot since the Celtics are hands down one of the top three greatest sports franchises in the world. I bid him adieu and wish him well in Brooklyn. He’s a standup man and a veritable class act.

As for Doc Rivers’ exit, I expected it. He’s been teasing an exit from the team for the past three years. And I just want to say this: I’ve never been the biggest Rivers fan. I was actually one of the people that wanted him fired when the Celtics had their worst season in franchise history back in 2006. After the Celtics won the NBA championship in 2008 following the acquisitions of Ray Allen and Kevin Garnett, I lightened up on Rivers, and I’ve supported him since. Hell, I supported him as the coach from the beginning, but he was always a players coach. Nothing wrong with that, but he never left my jaw dropped with his style of coaching or on-floor/on-court strategies. I thank him for his time served as the head coach of the Boston Celtics, however. As a side note, I just wished that team would have three-peated from 2008 through 2010 instead of winning only one title. I can’t help but to not feel complacent.

This upcoming season, and probably the next, is/are going to suck for the Celtics. Me? I’m used to this futility and era of suckitude. For most of my life, up until 2007, the Celtics were a very piss poor, paltry, unacceptable-to-watch and unwatchable-in-general team. They made it to the Eastern Conference Finals back in 2002, but outside of that, they were a very pedestrian team and went through coaches on a regular basis. I won’t say that I haven’t been spoiled by their success since 2007 like the aforementioned NBA Finals win and the 2010 Finals appearance as well as the 2012 Eastern Conference Finals appearance, but I’m used to the Celtics being in a state of a mess. I just hope they aren’t as mediocre of a team in this stretch like they were for most of my life until ’07.

One thing is for sure: Brad Stevens isn’t Rick Pitino. No, sirs and m’ams. Pitino tried to run a college style offense from when he was a coach. Full-court pressing opponents up and down the court for 82 games a year wore the team out. Stevens is a damn good fit for the team. He’s almost 37 and I’m confident that he’ll relate to the players and propel them to play hard. Or at least that’s what I’m hoping. I mean, hell, he led Butler University to back-to-back national title game appearances, and in the latter of those appearances his team had Matt fucking Howard as their best player!

Boston Celtics basketball in the 21st century: hoping for the best, expecting the worst!

And oh, yeah, somebody tell Bogans, Brooks and Humphries to cheer the hell up!


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