Let’s start off with the most obvious change to the pound-for-pound rankings in the wake of Anderson Silva’s seismic knockout loss to Chris Weidman on July 6: The UFC’s three remaining long-term champions all bumped up a spot.

Jon Jones, who is in his third year as UFC light heavyweight champion, has finally taken the spot most assumed he’d one day reach. He’s the unanimous pick for number one this month. Georges St.-Pierre, the welterweight champion since 2008, moves back up to the number two spot he’s held for quite some time before Jones’ rise. And featherweight champ Jose Aldo bumps up one spot to number three.

But before I continue, allow me to preface the rest of this post with a quote by Chael Sonnen, which I agree with:

“It is ridiculous. There’s no such thing as ‘pound for pound’. There’s not. It’s this mythical thought, and the people that sit around and attempt to create a P4P list are one step away from the same people that sit around and discuss the different possible integers as to why Batman could beat Superman. It’s impossible to know. It’s a ridiculous topic.”

Also, I usually don’t give a who-diddly shit about P4P rankings, but it’s driving me nuts that some people put Weidman ahead of Silva in plenty of lists. I get the logic that he beat Anderson and therefore should be ranked higher, but if you beat a guy — who was unbeaten for so long and held the title for nearly seven years — that doesn’t mean you are the better fighter. You were the better man for one fight. P4P lists are about skills and accomplishments, not direct competition. Anderson should be the number three P4P with GSP and Aldo merely ahead. Weidman is not one of the best P4P fighters yet. Yet.

As for the top three in general, with Jones at one, GSP at two and Aldo at three, y’know what? I’m a Jon Jones fan. No doubt about it. He’s entertaining as all get out. But welterweight and featherweight are tougher divisions than light heavyweight these days. St.-Pierre and Aldo both suffered their last losses before Jones was even an MMA fighter. Both are UFC champions and have defended their belts against the best fighters in their division. Hell, Aldo recently defeated the former lightweight champion. So why/how is Jones ranked higher in the UFC P4P rankings than those two? GSP should be number one and Jose Aldo number two. Just my 2 cents.


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