Chris Weidman vs. Anderson Silva II is going to happen. That is set in stone. December 28, 2013, ladies and gentlemen. But until then, one of the groups of detractors that enjoy clawing at the UFC and its business decisions are boxing apologists. Look, I love both sports (boxing and MMA) — I don’t see the reasoning behind picking a side as some sort of statement to project one’s personality. That’s wishy-washy as all get out.

“Nine fights against nobody and a title shot?”
— MMA detractors’ collective retort to Chris Weidman’s title shot, which I admittedly echoed when I first heard about Weidman getting his big opportunity in his first UFC pay-per-view appearance.

“Anderson Silva… $600,000 dollars earned in a loss where he practically threw the fight?!”
— the same detractors spew bullshit once again.

Dana White is calling the rematch between Silva and Weidman the ‘biggest fight in MMA history’ and I can’t disagree. Cain Velasquez is getting set to defend his Heavyweight title against Junior dos Santos, which will be the third fight between the two, and this bout carries its own hype — a rubber match between the two fighters. Dos Santos defeated Velasquez for the title back in November 2011 with a quick knockout from when he caught Cain right behind the ear with an overhand right. This past December, the rematch occurred and Cain had his way with dos Santos for five whole rounds, overpowering and out-wrestling ‘Cigano’ to a unanimous decision. This is just another example of an upcoming fight being hyped heavily. It’s about the money, ladies and gentlemen, and there’s nothing wrong with that.

There’s too much bitching and whining going on with Weidman fans. Too many folks discussing their disappointment over Weidman not defending the title against somebody else, but let’s be honest, there’s no way you can legitimately dub C.W. as the undisputed champion given how underwhelmingly piss poor Silva fought in their bout last Saturday night. Too much trolling, clowning, hotdogging, showboating, boasting, etc. December 28th, hopefully we’ll — us fans — see more of the masterful clinch game and Muay Thai striking that Anderson is adept in.

Is it about money? Of course it’s about money! The UFC is a business! The same people bitching about the rematch are the same idiots who whine about Chael Sonnen being handed the title shot against Jon Jones back in April. The difference here (between the two fights) is, it’s a damn good matchup. We just saw it, but why can’t we see it again? Silva wasn’t at his best last Saturday night, but in December he gets to prove that his career isn’t finished. And Weidman gets the opportunity to legitimize himself as the unquestionable best if he can improve his MMA record to 10-0 with back-to-back wins against the ‘Spider’.


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