Yasiel Puig’s absence from the National League all-star roster is a travesty. The guy should be an all-star. I mean, he only had the best rookie debut (in a single month) since Joe DiMaggio, but his disregarded presence in a game that’s become a circlejerking, dickstroking contest depicts why baseball will continue to fail and regress as a sport in the eye of the American public these days: lack of advancement, failure to transcend, stubbornness in remaining saddled in the past with archaic ideas and lack of desire to move forward and progress like football and basketball has.

Jonathan Papelbon, probably one of the biggest fucking morons to ever hold a baseball in his hands (a valid truth), rambled on about how Puig hasn’t ‘earned his stripes’ nor played enough innings. Fuck you Papelbon — broski, you are nothing but a closer. Your claim to fame came as a member of the Red Sox. How many innings did you play before your inception into the all-star game? Get the hell out. The shared old-school mentality is fucking up the game. These older players are upset that Puig just came in and shook the world up in Los Angeles. He didn’t kiss the proverbial brass ring of anyone. But hey, I’m not going to protest. I’m just saying, the all-star game would be a lot more fun with Puig’s presence in it.

In other news, Chris Weidman will defend his just-won Middleweight title against Anderson Silva in Las Vegas at the MGM Grand on December 28th for UFC 168. This will be Weidman’s shot to prove that his win over Silva last Saturday night wasn’t only because of Silva’s trolling antics in the octagon. This bout will have a hell of a lot of hype. The co-main event will feature Ronda Rousey defending her Women’s Bantamweight title against rival Miesha Tate. The schedule for the upcoming UFC events of the year are shaping up nicely. Dos Santos/Velasquez III will occur, so will Jones/Gustafsson, Hendricks/GSP, as well as a slew of Fox cards. (I’m not ignoring UFC 163 or 164 either, which will feature Jose Aldo defending his Featherweight title against the Korean Zombie and Benson Henderson defending his Lightweight title versus Anthony Pettis).

Another thing I’d like to touch on, which I should reserve for my blog Medium Rare, is the news that came out earlier this week linking fish oil to prostate cancer. People are making too much out of it. It’s an absolute non-issue. If you are an American citizen that takes health advice from the news, you are an idiot. First things first, these studies were poorly done. They are epidemiological correlational data which, in nutrition, is considered to be the lowest possible form of evidence you can produce. You cannot take correlation to equal causation. Just because two things are associated with each other doesn’t mean one causes the others. But hey, can’t stop the herd from following the herd.


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