A guy I know has been documenting his fat loss progress. His plan? 72 lbs in two months, which he proclaims he’s done before successfully, as he’s going to be consuming the same things as he did before with the same daily regimens. He’s constantly bitching, moaning, groaning and whining about aches and pains within his body that he’s confusing as muscle soreness, improper techniques or lack of adequate sleep.

Here’s the kicker: his diet is merely water, black coffee, chicken and sweet potatoes.

I shit you not.

So, his diet is virtually bereft of dietary fat, which is an optimal necessity and bodily requisite for living for its myriad of roles such as testosterone production, hormonal regulation (in general), immune system repair, mood optimization, ligament and muscle fiber healing and to add to this short list, it’s essential for your overall well being in general.

He’s also guaranteed to be deficient in vitamins A (particular its retinol form), D (I can’t stress enough how important D3 is), E (inflammation destroyer; circulation promoter) and K. The aforementioned vitamins are fat-soluble, in that you need to be consuming a meal with dietary fatty acids for them to be properly absorbed.

But no fish oil, nuts, coconut oil, whole eggs or ANY kind of beef/pork?

I don’t think it’s very difficult to put two and two together here, but hey, what do I know?

Sure, he might drop the weight quickly in this unhealthy fashion, but he’ll feel like absolute shit when it’s all said and done, and his testosterone levels will absolutely plummet.

And hey, as much of a fan I am of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, he’s not doing anything to help the cause with his diet for readying himself to film Hercules: The Thracian Wars. The Rock is already an absolute beast of a man, but here’s his latest diet that’s unbalanced in the fatty acid category:


Halibut contains a very small, minimal amount of fat.

So, people that see this diet plan of The Rock will get excited as all fuck and go try it out themselves, and they’ll feel like shit.

“But Troy! Why doesn’t The Rock feel like shit?!”

Oh, I don’t know. There’s these synthetic hormonal modulators he’s taking by the name of testosterone replacement therapy and human growth hormone. You kinda supraphysiologically modify your entire endocrine system and overall health with the two aforementioned hormonal modulators.

“But you said dietary fat is essential and a requisite! The Rock seems to be doin’ fine!”

Yeah, fuck nuts, but The Rock isn’t eating the above diet as a lifestyle diet plan. It’s merely a very short eating regimen. If you’ve noticed in the past, The Rock eats a shit ton of beef usually.

“But Troy! The guy you talked about in the first few paragraphs is only on a short eating regimen!”

He’s not on TRT nor HGH.

“So, if he was, he wouldn’t feel as bad?!”

Given the semantics, no, he wouldn’t feel as bad, but he’s only in his 20s and I wouldn’t recommend being a fucking idiot and getting on TRT or HGH when you can safely optimize your testosterone levels with a healthy lifestyle that features a diet with adequate amounts of dietary fatty acids.

Article source: Deprived of Dietary Fatty Acids


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