I know I’m the most hypocritical man in the world to say the following, but the upcoming statement is true: it’s not healthy to hold grudges in life, long-term. Live in the now and allow the past to be what it is. Live your life through the windshield, not the rearview mirror. Holding grudges and feeling anger/contempt for someone (albeit they might deserve every last bit of anger because of their actions or what have you) will age you. Early wrinkles and gray hair? Confirmed.

You might have put your life, your heart, your soul and every fiber of passion in your body into something, a cause, a relationship, some sort of endeavor, and maybe you were fucked over in the end by someone or a group of people who did so without remorse. (As of the last few years of my life, I definitely know that feeling a little all too well.)

This very much relates to LeBron James, the Akron-born, dubbed-“The King”-at-13 basketball star, who was drafted by the Cleveland Cavaliers in 2003 and played every bit of his contract with Cleveland, all seven years, with every bit of intensity as one can imagine, leading them to an NBA Finals trip in 2007 with a bunch of nobodies on that team.

In the summer of 2010, LeBron was a free agent, and seeing how the Michigan-born Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert didn’t do a diddly-damn thing about surrounding James with any player worth a damn, LeBron signed with the Miami Heat.

What followed, and has for the last near 3+ years, was complete disrespect shown by Cavs fans. I’ve already written about this before (check the 2010 and 2011 TSTOS archives), so I won’t follow up, but Cavaliers fans were bitter. Instead of celebrating the seven seasons with LeBron, they burned their jerseys and all of that impulsive jazz. Dan Gilbert even wrote a silly ass statement saying that he promised the Cavs would win a title before LeBron ever would. Funny… LeBron’s first season away from Cleveland? The team went from what? A 60 win team with him to a 19 win team without him.

The 2010 season was a turbulent one for LeBron. The Miami Heat went to the Finals, but they fell in six games to the Dallas Mavericks, and every LeBron detractor in the world celebrated his failure to capture the Larry O’Brien trophy.

LeBron played, for that entire 2010 year, with extreme anger. He was pissed the fuck off. Y’know, I’ll apologize for the expletives this time, but that’s the only way one can accurately describe LeBron’s disposition in that season. He gave his heart and soul, for seven years, to the Cleveland Cavaliers, and they didn’t appreciate a damn thing. It’s like being in a relationship with a lying, cheating latent slut, giving her more than anyone else ever will, being more to her than anyone else ever will, and not being appreciated for it. LeBron went from the lying, cheating slut to the better, hotter, higher quality girl that won’t whine about his past, lie to him or cheat on him — the Miami Heat. That’s exactly how it was and is.

But all the anger? It wore on LeBron. Sublimating your anger is a great thing, and what I mean by that is using the energy you are feeding anger and disdain for someone for positive pursuits. Work towards a goal but keep the anger tame and toned down. Sublimate those feelings into positive energy and success. Be better than who’s hurt you or fucked you over.

Again, anger will wear anyone down. Grudges will do that to you. Poor blood pressure numbers, fatigue, insomnia, and it will turn you into a person no one wants to be around. You are justifiably angry and the actions of those who’ve angered you merit the feelings, but you can’t move on with those feelings in mind.

LeBron still played, in the 2011 season, with some anger in his heart, but it was a trio of disdain. 33.99% for Dan Gilbert, 33.99% for his detractors and 33.99% for losing to Dallas in the 2011 Finals. But by the time the 2012 Finals rolled around, the Heat polished off the Oklahoma City Thunder in five games.

The detractors continued to trash LeBron, saying that it was a shortened basketball season due to the lockout.

Well, LeBron and the Heat came back into this past season and won the 2013 Finals.

At the age of 28, LeBron has four NBA MVPs, two NBA Finals championships and two NBA Finals MVPs.

It’s getting more and more difficult for people to trash his game because he’s so eclectic. The Spurs dared him to shoot mid-range jumpers in the Finals and by game seven he was burying ’em.

The talk of LeBron finishing his career as the greatest player ever irks a lot of people, but it’s definitely a possibility on the horizon. He’s still very much a young buck.

Oh, and with the possibility of ‘Bron being a free agent next season, if he were to return to Cleveland, every Cavs fan in the world would jump right back on his nuts. Write it down, stamp it, mark it. Point, blank, bottom line. People are phony.

I’ll repeat myself since I’m pretty damn good at it: live your life through the windshield, not the rearview mirror. Let go of the past. Let go of the anger (the ’causes’ of the said anger will meet the repercussions and consequences one of these days, maybe tomorrow and maybe not for years but it will happen). Be better than those who’ve attempted to bring you down with their actions in the past.

For the folks still feeling anger for LeBron: sit back and enjoy his game — we’ll never see another player, a physical freak, like him. Might as well enjoy his play instead of trying to devalue and depreciate his MVP and championship winning ways.


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