I’m not too big on game 7s. Maybe it’s the bitter taste that will forever be in my mouth from the Los Angeles Lakers beating my Boston Celtics back in 2010 in game 7 of that year’s Finals when the Celtics led by 17-18 points in the middle of the game before blowing it all away in the fourth quarter.

I had the Heat beating the Spurs in five or six games, and yet two nights ago the Spurs were 5 seconds away from winning their fifth NBA title since 1999. A lot of “5s” there, huh?

I’m skeptical over whether or not the Spurs have enough in the tank to pull it out in Miami tonight. It seems that ever since those assholes from the back rolled out the Larry O’Brien trophy, the Heat have newfound energy. That pissed them off enough to will a miraculous comeback. And to steer this paragraph all over the road, I have to question the decision to have Boris Diaw — and not Tim Duncan — in the closing seconds of regulation in game 6. The lack of being able to rebound allowed LeBron James to hit that second chance 3 and for Ray Allen to drill that series saving 3 to send the game into overtime.

That, and Manu Ginobili’s, Kawhi Leonard’s, and Tony Parker’s (each) missed free throws.

I’ve come to have an extreme disdain for Chris Bosh. He’s usually soft, feminine and ridiculously androgynous. It’s sickening to watch such a pansy-ass basketball player who often lacks toughness. And yet Bosh pulled off two big defensive plays that covered the Heat’s ass — the block on Parker and the other one in the end on Danny Green. Let me say this: if Bosh plays all four quarters tonight with that tenacity, it’s over for San Antonio.

Tonight’s game could go either way. I can’t believe so many people have counted the Spurs out. Duncan, Parker and Ginobili have been a core trio for years for a reason, folks. They are the original big three, and they’ve won three titles together (Duncan has four overall) as they search for their fourth as this three. Give ’em and show ’em some respect.


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