I don’t want to write a big ass, verbose depiction of last night’s game. I couldn’t care less about delving into the nitty gritty. Leave that to Marc Stein, Stephen A. Smith and ESPN.com’s other proverbial asswipes.

Five seconds remaining in regulation during last night’s game, with the Spurs up by 3, and all they had to do was rebound the ball.

Kawhi Leonard, Manu Ginobili and Tony Parker all missed a free throw each. The Finals should be over. The Spurs should be five time NBA champions already. A game seven should not be on the horizon, or moving closer, in any way.

Apologies for being so damn cavalier about this, but I’m so passionate when it comes to either the Boston Celtics or the San Antonio Spurs. I’ve tried desperately hard not to get emotionally involved in the Finals, but it’s pretty damn tough when players you’ve always been a fan of like Tony Parker, Manu Ginobili and Tim Duncan are playing lights out (well, Gino in game five and hardly last night). Especially Duncan, probably my second favorite all-time player. It was almost like the Timmy D of old, in his prime, came out to play.

The Spurs should have wrapped that shit up! But they let the game slip through their collective grasp.

Ray Allen hit a three at the end of regulation to send it to overtime, where the Heat escaped. Oh, damn it, Allen, where in the hell where you for The Pride and Glory of The Boston Celtics back in the 2010 NBA Finals, y’know, the game 7, the one where The Pride and Glory of The Boston Celtics were up by what, on the Lakers? 17-18 points? And blew it? June 17, 2010. I’ll never, ever forget that night. Then again, I never forget anything. That still stings today, and it’s like that game captured what the entire year of 2010 was all about: ultimate disappointment.

And on an irrelevant note, these talks between the Clippers and Celtics are driving me nuts. Apparently they are over, but who knows? I wasn’t too thrilled about the prospect of the Celtics acquiring DeAndre Jordan. Sure, the guy’s been on a couple of SportsCenter highlights, but his underwhelming unawareness on both the offensive and defensive side of the ball/glass isn’t appealing for me to want to see in Celtic green. I know the lack of a young, quick big man is a need for the Celtics at the moment, but don’t grab the first dude you see. That’s like hopping into a relationship with a dirty, lying, cheating, childish, below-average slut when you could be out and about with better, hotter, higher quality women, y’know?


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