I quietly hit the 500 post milestone on TSTOS a few posts ago.

I can’t believe it. I started this blog in March 2007 during the midst of the Boston Celtics’ god awful 2006-2007 campaign, their worst season of all-time. I originally wanted to rant about the idea of the Celtics tanking the season, which was a possible action talked by many sports ‘heads’ online in order to possibly draw the first pick via the draft lottery for the ’07 Draft. On Celtics communities, people were constantly debating over whether the Celtics should draft Kevin Durant or Greg Oden if they got the first pick. Hell, back then, so many people were comparing Greg Oden to Bill Russell and how he could lead the Celtics back to the promiseland!

It’s crazier than hell considering what transpired over the summer of 2007. My first post was back in the aforementioned March of ’07, and I mentioned that one of my wishes and hopes for the future would be that the Celtics would win an NBA championship very soon. Hello, 2008.

2007 feels like yesterday. There’s no doubt about it. I can’t believe it’s been over six years ago since I started this thing. It wasn’t my first foray into blogging — I originally started one in the summer of 2005 that was completely about the St. Louis Rams. It didn’t last long because I lost interest.

Back then I wanted to become a sportswriter. That was before I realized that I disdained the profession with absolute disgust. Sportswriters are bitter bastards. Constantly acerbic to everyone, frequently frowning and they age quicker than other people. Fuck that. I love writing, but I hate proofreading. After I’ve written something, I can’t stand going back and editing grammar/punctuation mistakes. When you read TSTOS posts, you will find a horde of ’em. I’ll go back and edit sometimes, if a glaring error inevitably catches my eyes, but usually I lack the necessary damns to give. This has probably hurt readership over the years, because who wants to read a post written by a guy that doesn’t give enough of a who-diddley damn to rectify his mistakes? I know I don’t.

While WordPress has changed so much since 2007 (in ways, for the better; others, not so much), TSTOS has remained largely the same. The banner above? Somebody made it back in 2007. Of the three players, Tim Duncan is the only one still representing the same jersey as the one in the banner. Albert Pujols signed with the Los Angeles Angels in December 2011 and Steven Jackson signed with the Atlanta Falcons in March. Yes, I need to find someone that will make a new banner of the same badass quality, but that will come at a later time.

The most productive years (stats/comments) were 2007 and 2008. No surprise. I wrote the most those two years. I extensively wrote about the St. Louis Rams, covered the 2007 NBA Finals and delved balls deep into the 2008 NBA Finals as well, which is when I did my last live blog (do people do those anymore?). Those two years were a part of the sports blog boom, especially 2007. If you young bucks weren’t old enough to rock a sports blog in 2007, you missed out. That was the year when sports blogs were everywhere. Everyone was trying to get their writing out there. The best part about it was that all the sports blogs around from that time period supported each other via blogrolls. Sure, sports blogs are still around, but they aren’t as prevalent as they used to be, sadly enough.

Since ’08, I’ve taken several hiatuses away from TSTOS. I thought I’d written my last post here in June 2009, but I returned in late January 2010 to add my commentary regarding the Super Bowl that year between the New Orleans Saints and Indianapolis Colts.

The hiatuses will happen again, rest assured, and I doubt I’ll ever regain my old 2007-2008 form given how I lack the amount of time these days, but regardless, the show must go on. TSTOS must go on. I will never delete this blog, no matter what.

Thanks to everyone that has supported and commented on TSTOS throughout the last 6+ years. Time has been fun. It’s been real.


4 thoughts on “500 Posts on TSTOS After 6 Years

  1. Congrats brother. Have enjoyed your work since you began. Always been a joy to read. I personally like your biased posts the most, the ones where you showcase the most passion for your teams and disdain for the teams you dislike. Here’s to another six years.

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