The Indiana Pacers can do to the New York Knickerbockers what the Celtics could not: play physical for 48 minutes and run (and then run some more).

The Pacers just beat the Knicks in Madison Square Garden 102-95 to go up 1-0 in their Eastern Conference semi-final playoff series.

Y’know, the Pacers’ David West is a lot like the vitamin K2. It’s different from K1. K1 deals with the clotting of blood — K2 is made up of menaquinones that deal with working in synergy with vitamin A and vitamin D3 in helping shift calcium into the bones and teeth instead of calcium deposits building up as plaque where they shouldn’t (the heart and joints). K2 is unheralded unless you’ve been online and did your own research on the vitamin.

The Pacers, as a team, are like the above vitamins.

The Memphis Grizzles are noted for their grit and toughness, but what about the Pacers? The Pacers play with hardened physicality, too, and they don’t have a superstar. Like the vitamins above, they work synergistically to get the job done. They don’t have a prima donna small forward on their team that everyone excuses as a “volume scorer” (here’s looking at you, Carmelo Anthony) in order to placate the said prima donna’s wounded ego.

The Pacers aren’t coming out of the Eastern Conference (everyone without bias knows the Miami Heat are going to), but they’ll beat the Knickerbockers. Especially if ol’ Carmelo Anthony continues playing basketball for ’em. Another miserable performance for Anthony — 10 of 28. There are a plethora of other potential scorers on the team, but hey, nobody — including Mike Woodson — has the balls to reprimand Anthony or chastise him for being a selfish shot jacker.

“But Troy! Carmelo had a double double! 11 rebounds! And you call him a selfish, one-dimensional shot jacker!”

Birds sometimes take shits on my car, too. Your point?

“But Troy! The Pacers only won by 7!”

The Pacers had a steady lead the entire game that never met any jeopardy. They dominated the Knickerbockers.

It was nice to watch!


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