The New York Knickerbockers should’ve knocked the Boston Celtics out in a four game sweep. Couldn’t even do that. The Knickerbockers almost allowed a team with no point guard that features a 36 year-old small forward and a 37-year-old power forward to come back from an 0-3 series deficit.

The Knickerbockers were up by 26 tonight in game six and the Celtics managed to cut the lead down to 6 before letting the game slip.

Ah, well. C’est la vie.

The Miami Heat are going to come out of the Eastern Conference for the third year in a row, anyway.

It’s just a damn shame to have to watch Carmelo Anthony’s one-dimensional, scorer-but-nothin’-else, shit-passer, shit-defender, god-awful-teammate, ball-stoppin’ ass play in the second round of the playoffs when he struggled at times to do jack squat against a Celtics team that should be in a de facto pro basketball retirement home.

Classic Failmelo Anthony performance. 2 of a thousand. Just kidding. 7 of 23. He’s like the poor man’s Kobe Bryant. Shit, that’s an insult to Kobe. More like the poor, poor, poor x5 man’s Orlando Magic-of-old Tracy McGrady. And Iman Shumpert? Looks like a classic, grandiose douchenozzle with that ostentatious flattop. He’s the quintessential tryhard. Fuck him. The name “Shumpert” sounds like a brand of sherbet ice cream. Those two dipshits alone are reasons enough to label the Knickerbockers as the most annoying team in pro basketball today.

I’m proud of the Celtics. Down 0-3, they battled back and nearly forced a game seven, which would have made them only the third (or fourth?) team to do that in NBA history.

Time will tell what the Celtics decide to do with Paul Pierce. Who knows what will happen with Kevin Garnett.

I hate to see the season end this way.


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