The title of this blogpost? A fitting line spouted by Bill Simmons: #34 and #5 are true Celtics.

I love this damn team, even if they do drive me nuts time and time again, even if they ultimately fall to the New York Knickerbockers and have their asses handed back to them in Boston for game 6.

These guys are warriors. The Boston Celtics have pulled out two [previously] unforeseeable wins in this all-but-over series to force a game 6. Backs against the wall? To hell with it. Down 0-3? To hell with it. The Celtics beat the Knickerbockers in overtime on Sunday afternoon at The Garden thanks to the heroics of Jason Terry. Afterwards, I thought the series would be finished last night in Madison Square Garden.

It was funny (not really) how the disrespectful Knickerbockers players rocked black suits. All black attire. Funeral-esque etiquette. It just goes to show that these Knickerbockers are fueled by their inner young bucks, and with that comes naive immaturity, especially when you pull off a gimmick like that in order to taunt a veteran team like The Pride and the Glory of The Boston Celtics.

Last night’s game was more impressive (tenfold!) than Sunday’s afternoon win. An away game that the Celtics dominated down the stretch despite the Knickerbockers having led 11-0 to open up. How about watching Paul Pierce catch on fire in the third quarter and Kevin Garnett punk Tyson Chandler with a classic, veteran savvy pump fake? Classic! Shades of all the years of seeing Pierce and Garnett on the floor. This caliber of play by Pierce and Garnett at this point in their careers can’t be consistently expected of or anticipated, so last night’s game sure was special. I’ll mention Jeff Green and Brandon Bass some other time, but right now wouldn’t be fitting.

The Celtics’ offense — 90% of the time — is so damn inept and they play so incompetently. To see them play like the way they did last night, with veritable, unstoppable chemistry? Poetry in motion!

The Celtics are giving me hope that something amazing might happen for the first time in NBA history, something that’s never happened before. I don’t want to say it in order to avoid a possible reverse jinx. I’ll leave it at that.


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