The Oklahoma City Thunder are naked without Russell Westbrook. Kevin Durant doesn’t know what the hell he’s doing on the offensive side anymore. Straight isolation to the basket!

You knew last night’s game versus the Houston Rockets was over when, with about two minutes left, Durant was just standing around while Reggie Jackson dribbled around. Durant looked like he was about 4-5 feet away from the 3-point arc with no impatience to get the basketball. It was a 6-point game, at home, and he didn’t give a shit. Durant didn’t bother demanding for the ball.

Passive leadership.

Kevin Durant has a way to go as a leader, to acquire the passion and killer instinct that his championship winning peers have sought.

But it’s time to take a step back and have a bit of perspective: last night’s game was only the second one without Westbrook. I have a sneaky feeling that Oklahoma City is going to waltz into Houston and end the series before the Rockets can push a game 7. People like to criticize Westbrook for being a ‘ball chucker’, but y’know what? He and Durant were an unstoppable force, and that chemistry has been whittled down because of Westbrook’s injury.

While I’m proud of what Kevin McHale and Co. have done in Houston, I’ve shaken my head at some of the shots James Harden has taken. Or the team in general. It’s almost been like a damn shootaround for the Rockets in these playoffs. Then again, they don’t have a thing to lose (except, y’know, the series), so they are letting the long ball fly. More power to them. Since Westbrook’s been gone, the Rockets’ guards have overpowered the Thunder.

Watch replays of last night’s game and notice all of the open shots the Thunder missed. You better believe that Kevin Martin (should) will play better in Houston.


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