Looks like another season is over for the Boston Celtics. As well as possibly a career (or two).

When the Celtics acquired Ray Allen at the NBA Draft in June 2007 and Kevin Garnett a month later, this “let’s get after a championship!” era in Boston was supposed to only last a solid 3-4 years. That was it.

One championship and two Finals appearances came out of the run. Not too shabby, but as a greedy basketball fan that hates the Lakers, that 2010 title rightfully belongs to the Boston Celtics.

But I digress. Back to those 3-4 years — it turned into 6 seasons (sans one without Allen since he signed with the Miami Heat last summer). It was fun while it lasted, and I often pop in my 2007-2008 NBA champions DVD to relive the glory and nostalgia. I’ll never forget Tuesday, June 17, 2008… nor will I ever forget the bitterness and disappointment from Thursday, June 17, 2010.

Regardless, I hope Pierce and Garnett are still around in Celtic GREEN next year. What can I say? I’m a victim of the moment, baby! Nostalgia can be the death of yours truly at another time.

This impulsive blog post was inspired by Jalen Roses’s and Bill Simmons’ comments on the NBA Shootaround show.


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