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Mediocre, Broscientific and Uninsightful

I bought this book even after I knew all the five star reviews were bogus (written by cronies, friends and family of the authors) and the 1-3 star reviews were justified by objectivity. I’ll explain why I did that later, as well as why I’m not disappointed in purchasing this book via Amazon. What I am disappointed in is the complete lack of scientific `secrets’ and `revelations’ that are supposed to be involved in this book.

Here I was thinking, “Hormones! Yeah! Leptin! Ghrelin! Romaniello and the other guy are going to go deep into such matters and blow my mind with something I can’t find online for free! Alright!” So, the book arrived and I saw the back cover read, “Answers to all the questions you have about training and nutrition – and even ones you haven’t thought of yet”.

Words to the wise: This book doesn’t contain any answers to training or nutrition. Anybody that’s interested in nutritional science, exercise and has spent their fair share of time researching online (for fee) has heard of everything in this book. There are no secrets, no revelations and nothing at all groundbreaking by this guy by the name of John Romaniello that is supposed to be an `expert’.

So I flip open the book and began perusing through the pages. “F this, F that. Alpha this, Alpha that. We are going to teach you about hormones here, we are going to blow your mind with our advice over there”. I began growing tired of reading the word `alpha’ as it was being regurgitated over and over with overdone Fight Club/Tyler Durden quotes thrown around. The authors continued to tease, “science nerds, just wait until you read about hormones! We are going to delve into some really nerdy, scientific stuff!”

I finally reached the hormone discussion. What a disappointment. The hormone section of the book is littered with a brief (VERY brief) description of the hormone and what it does. Not much science involved. No intricate details. I should have expected as much given the `bro’-like language of the book. Instead of going out and reading this book to be `blown away’ in discovering hormones, use Google, discover Alan Aragon, read Lyle McDonald’s Body Recomposition website, Lean Gains, and check out Jason Blaha’s (IceCreamFitness) YouTube channel. You can do all of that for free and get some actual science instead of the broscience/pseudoscience in Man 2.0/”Alpha”.

The way the authors wrote about insulin was the final straw for me. Carbs this, carbs that. Yeah, carbs? What’s wrong with carbs? The authors enjoyed to purport that carbs are the sole reasoning for insulin resistance. Over and over again, bashing diets that feature hordes of carbs. Yet you know what the authors fail to mention in “Alpha”? Protein can spike insulin more than carbohydrates do. The role of protein in regards to insulin isn’t even mentioned! How baffling! This book is an insult to every reader’s intelligence.

The mentioning of Joseph Campbell’s monomyth and the “Hero’s Journey” was fun to read, but that is my only positives I can give this book.

If you would have gave this book to me when I was 14-years-old, gullible and without a clue about nutritional science, I would have been `sold’, and that would have been a sham.

My advice to everyone reading would be to look past the bogus 5-star reviews that were written by biased cronies, friends and family members (the fiancée of Romaniello posted a review for heaven’s sake!). Objectively, without any interpersonal relationship with the authors, I don’t see anyone from the online health and fitness communities talking about this book in a positive light. Or even talking about this book period (unless one person has brought it up in a thread on a forum).

Kudos on the fantastic marketing. While I can’t agree with Romaniello being an `expert’ in training, fitness or health (my 17-year-old cousin is superior in those aspects compared to Roman), he’s one heck of a marketer and networker, which I guess is what it all takes nowadays to be an author rather than actually writing and publishing science-backed, legitimate material.

Speaking of Alan Aragon from a few paragraphs above, it’s disrespectful to him for mentioning his name in the book. If I recall, Romaniello lists Aragon as a mentor. If that were true, if Roman looked up to Aragon, then why is it that the garbage written in this book differs from the science-backed truths that Aragon has written about in his own works? Somebody needs to alert Aragon of the non-science.

There was a review written by Joel Marion that he – himself – deleted after being exposed in the comments for what he really is. Another `crony’ of Romaniello’s is Vince Del Monte, who – in the review by jd’s comment thread – showed his true bad attitude and bias.

If you are `interested’ in this book, go out to a local bookstore and flip through it. Save your money and be happy that you have. Want research? The internet is your best friend. Just educate yourself on where to look by questioning what you read and doing your own research.

I may have purchased this book here on Amazon, but I resold it to an independent book reseller for $30. Took that money and bought a few t-bone and ribeye steaks to have over the next week. Money well spent! Pass up on this book, and I promise that you’ll be glad you did.


7 thoughts on “Troy Sparks Reviews “Man 2.0 Engineering the Alpha”

    1. Well, I don’t know if he’s a liar, but I do know that he knows nothing about nutritional science, and he’s most definitely not an expert in that field nor in training. He is, however, a magnificent marketer and is highly skilled at pulling the wool over people’s eyes by networking and having plenty of people write fake reviews on a book that is underwhelmingly AWFUL! So, with that, I guess I have to concur with you.

  1. Page 170 “eating too much protein can actually create an insulin spike”
    Try reading a bit closer and stop being such a hater

    1. Try reading a bit closer“.

      I didn’t read that far into the heap of filth. Not a hater; just a realist that sees through marketing facades. Except this one – I gave it a shot and it fell flat. Remove the fake 5-star reviews from Amazon that were written by Romaniello’s fiancée, friends and family, and the base score is a 2. I’m not the only one sinking this ship, either. Go check out other objective, unbiased reviews just like mine on Amazon.

      Too much protein spikes insulin“, though? That’s how it reads in the book? Talk about vague. The very act of eating will incite an insulin spike. The war on insulin in the book is moronic. Whether insulin is spiked minimally or significantly following a meal doesn’t make a difference if one is in a caloric deficit (relating to the weight loss portion of the book). The poor science (lack thereof) offered in “Alpha”, especially in the chapter about hormones, is terrible writing at its finest (a sweet paradox). I suggest the two authors read a primer on insulin and recant their shared obtuse aversion to it.

  2. Some people write books because they have something to say. Other people try to find something to say so they can write a book. This is clearly an example of the latter. Why are the interwebs filled with the story of how this was a seven figure deal before a word was written? Because the story here is not what is in the book but how “you too can get a 7 figure book deal” before writing a word.

    See, there is money in fat loss and muscle building.

    But the real money is in making people think that you have the secret to making money.

    In short, Man 2.0 Engineering the Alpha sucks. There is not a thing in here that you cannot find better and find for free with a three minute google search.

    It is shallow, hollow, and just general enough to say something without saying anything useful.

    The exact type of book in fact that someone would scramble to write after receiving a “cough” SEVEN FIGURE book deal. (btw).

    Lot’s of five star reviews on Amazon, though…..hmmm??? Not that someone would stack reviews right?

    If I did not mention…this book sucks.

  3. Thanks for the review! I thought exactly the same about the hormones section.
    As for the diet, it seemed to me like a mix of intermittent fasting (Brad Pilon) and the Carb back loading concept by John Kiefer, so nothing really new nor revolutionary as told in the introduction.

  4. Hi Troy,

    I found your article after googling to see if others were disappointed about this book as well. I wish I had read your comments first and saved myself the money. That book was a pile of shit! All that stuff about hormones and insulin did not have any specific references (to the proof of what they were saying) and no convincing argument at all to make me believe that it actually works.

    It is sad to think that there are a bunch of ‘muppets’ out there starving themselves followed by cheat days where they eat doughnuts & pizza…. thinking that their testosterone levels will go through the roof and turn them into superstars. I hope I meet someone who is trying that stuff and believes it, I haven’t had a good belly laugh for a while!

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