The NBA belongs to the Miami Heat for the foreseeable future, as long as they keep their core intact and hang on to some of their hard-working, high-IQ role players (Shane Battier instantly comes to my mind). That is, if LeBron James doesn’t leave Miami for Los Angeles in a couple of years. With all bias aside (yes, including my love for the Boston Celtics), I can’t blame LeBron if he DOES bolt for Hollywood. A lot of people want to bring up that “players want their own legacy on a team without many storied players!” but I’ve always thought that was absolutely wrong. Maybe there are some guys out there that want that, but I doubt it.

Y’know, Kobe Bryant is injured and going to be out for a while. Did you know? Did you hear?! He’ll be back, of course. But people are acting like it’s the end of the world, and it’s now time to regroup, sit down, lay back and search deep from within to have a little bit of perspective: now, if the Lakers beat the Houston Rockets tonight, we can all watch Steve Nash do what he doesn’t done all season — have the chance to play point guard, y’know, with the ball in his hands! Everybody will also get to see Dwight Howard get the chance to finally prove himself in the purple and gold uniform, as ‘The Guy’, just like he wants to be, once you get past the exterior showing of his over the top joking and clowning around and wannabe, never-gonna-be faux Superman poses.

I want to see the Lakers get into the playoffs so that we can all see how they’ll fare with their ‘new setup’. I don’t know about those of you reading, but asides from Utah Jazz fans, who in the hell actually wants to see the ol’ Jazz in the playoffs? Lakers haters might say, “I’m tired of the Lakers! Keep ’em out! I want Utah in!” but y’know what? The NBA is a lot more fun with the Lakers involved than not. And if the Jazz get in, I guarantee you all that the folks proclaiming their enjoyment out of the Jazz getting the eighth seed won’t even watch a single playoff game!

Besides, the Lakers WILL lose to Oklahoma City, provided that they get into the playoffs. The Lake Blow can’t defend fast point guards that can score. Do I really have to say any more?

As of late, there has been a lot of hype riding on the New York Knickerbockers. I don’t buy it. It’s more scoring champion Carmelo Anthony hype, because he’s ‘taking over’ in the regular season and scoring big, in the regular season. This post is also being posted, in the regular season. I don’t see them as a threat in the playoffs. In fact, I believe that my ‘mighty’ Boston Celtics have a shot at beating the Knickerbockers if they rely on Melo to jack up 30+ shots a game. The ball-stoppin’, ball-dominatin’ Melo and what? Call me when he gets his teammates involved. That kind of play will never win a championship. It’s regular season ball. NBA teams truly ‘D up‘ once the postseason rolls around. ‘Shit gets real‘, so to speak. Carmelo Anthony is a fantastic offensive player — very fun to watch! But that’s it. If Melo becomes the second coming of Magic Johnson/LeBron James and starts dishing off to teammates, THEN be scared! Be reaaaaaal scared! If Melo starts doing that, taking more efficient shots and plays some defense, then I guess I’ll have to wait to see my Celtics play ball next year.

By the way, today is April 17th, my late father’s birthday. He would have been 59 today. Happy birthday, dad! I love and miss you!


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