Testosterone is a hormone that’s demonized in today’s Western ‘civilized’ society. Anything known as masculine (or should I say ‘formerly known’?) is chastised, criticized and ‘asked’ to be toned down. Testosterone renders us men full of energy; testosterone gives us men the boost to hit the world hard; testosterone makes us want to be sexually active; testosterone makes us, literally, happy.

But oh, all kinds of people will give you the impression that testosterone is bad, that testosterone will cause you to be a raving lunatic, that you will beat your wife and be a dangerous menace to society because that’s what everyone is told.

If I told you that high testosterone levels didn’t make you angry or abusive, and that elevated estradiol (estrogen) levels contributed to a more angry, abusive and pissy attitude, what would you say? What if I told you that high levels of aromatase (the enzyme that converts testosterone to estrogen) are making men more feminized, depressed, bereft of energy and tiny weaklings with anger and disdain for themselves, what would you say?

Over the last several years, the manhood of the North American male has been under attack. It’s been chipped at and eroded by a relatively new form of political correctness: the movement to demonize and suppress Testosterone. Somehow, this innocent hormone (which women possess too, by the way) has come to represent many negative aspects of society. Just watch the nightly news. Any time a bunch of violent, stupid people collectively do something violent and stupid in a public setting, you’re sure to hear the phrase “too much Testosterone” come up in the discussion that follows. Why is that? After all, science tells us that many men who are prone to violence have just the opposite problem — they have low T levels.

What’s wrong with Testosterone anyway? And what’s so wrong with being masculine? Testosterone, after all, is the elixir of heroism, passion, drive, energy, and intensity. Didn’t you know that? Or has all that ‘primitive’ stuff been sucked out of you by a society that would like to keep your testicles safely locked up in a jar under the bed, only to be removed during times of war and procreation (which you’d better not enjoy)?

The reasoning behind this post has been motivated by a comment from a section beneath an ESPN article in relation to Rutgers’ Mike Rice, the head coach fired for calling his players a slew of insanely offensive terms, throwing basketballs at them like dodgeballs and literally hitting/kicking them. The comment said that Rice needed to ‘calm down’ and ‘suppress’ his testosterone levels.

Mike Rice is not a man. He’s childish, subhuman scum in the guise of a grown man. He’s a bully with likely high amounts of the aromatase enzyme floating around in his system. Yelling at players, showing intensity and passion are great factors and positives to motivate your team. Calling them ‘faggots’, ‘fairies’ and who knows what else, is not leadership. Perhaps Rice was projecting his own inner paradigm on his players, afraid to come out and accept what he is on the inside, only to take his estrogen-fueled temper out on his team. A leader doesn’t physically abuse his followers. Rice is a boy. Excuse me, that’s an insult to boys. Rice should not even be recognized as a male, but as nothing. He’s irrelevant and should be recognized as insignificant (a paradox in and of itself.)

The same goes for Bobby Knight. I’m not letting Knight off the hook, either. He did things reminiscent to Rice. While Knight is one of the best coaches in the history of basketball, he’s always been a loud-mouth, flabby, unmuscled drama queen. A childish, whiny bozo that whined to interviewers and walked off sets like a temper tantrum-throwing pussy.

ESPN asked Knight to opine his opinion of Rice’s actions, and Knight declined. Listen up, ESPN, Bobby ‘Drama Queen Baby Boy’ works for you. He is the guy everybody thinks about when you see the Mike Rice videos here these last couple of days. And you pay him a paycheck. He’s gotta give you some words, and if he doesn’t want to talk about it, fine, he doesn’t work the NIT games. I don’t want to see him. So I can make that argument, as a viewer, that you are almost embarrassing everybody by putting Knight up there and he says, “Well, I’m not going to discuss Mike Rice”. How can Bobby Knight do an NIT game, for ESPN, and not talk about Mike Rice? 20 miles from the Rutgers campus, from Madison Square Garden. That’s ridiculous.

Nobody would miss Knight, anyway. He’s a poor analyst and adds nothing to the games he commentates with his mediocre delivery, half-hearted voice and asinine analysis.

ESPN wouldn’t be ESPN if it didn’t spend the day walking into rakes in its own front yard.

After all, you have to baby the estrogen-fueled, high aromatase-activity drama queen folks on the network in case their feelings get hurt.


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