In searching for breaking news on the St. Louis Rams’ free agent moves on Twitter, I’ve had to sift through endless Tweets from mentally challenged people crying that (A.) the Rams are not doing enough to improve their team, and/or (B.) that the Seattle Seahawks and San Francisco 49ers are leaving the Rams behind.

Unapologetically, I must say that these people are morons.

A smart person realizes two things:

1.) The Rams’ Offseason Did Not Begin This Week.
Arguably, the first move of the 2013 offseason was made a year ago, when the Rams traded the #2 pick in the draft and obtained an extra first round selection for this year’s draft. Bu — even more notably — the Rams made their biggest moves last Fall, when they re-signed James Laurinaitis and Chris Long. Imagine if, instead, the Rams had allowed both of these guys get to the free agent market. Long would have been the #1 defensive end/pass rusher on the market. Laurinaitis would have been the #1 4-3 middle linebacker on the market. By locking these guys up early, the Rams got off to a great start to this offseason. Since then, they have re-signed William Hayes, signed Jared Cook, and seem to be on the cusp of signing Jake Long. Put is all together, and its been a great offseason so far.

2. The Rams are not competing with the Niners/Hawks in the free agent market.
While the Rams will have a “puncher’s chance” of passing the Niners and Hawks next year, the reality is that those two teams are already contenders, while the Rams are the youngest team in football. As a result, while the Niners and Seahawks can make short term moves in the hope that doing so will push them over the top, it would be foolish for the Rams to make any move that is not expected to continue to reap benefits in 2014, 2015 and beyond. That’s why players like Steven Jackson, Danny Amendola, Anquan Boldin, Ed Reed, and (arguably) Greg Jennings don’t make sense for the Rams. Its also the reason why moves — such as trading for Percy Harvin — that cost draft choices and premium FA money, don’t make sense for the Rams right now. The good news is, in the next 2-3 years, the Niners and Hawks will have to pay their quarterbacks big money deals. When that happens, what will be the result? Well, look at the Ravens. Sure, they retained Joe Flacco, but they’ve lost Ed Reed, Bernard Pollard, Anquan Boldin, Dannell Ellerbe and Paul Kruger. The same thing is going to happen to the Niners and Seahawks – right about the time the the Rams are ready to peak.

Of course, the points I’ve made in above don’t fit into the character limit of a Tweet, so I guess its easier just to say “Rams not doing enough. Niners and Seahawks killing it. #badoffseason.”


3 thoughts on “This is how Logical People View the Rams’ Offseason

  1. I’m gonna hate seeing Steven Jackson in a Falcons uniform. I wish he could have retired a Ram but I guess that ship set sail a long time ago…guys finishing distinguished careers with the same team. I do agree St. Loo was/is in no position right now to reach for a star free agent…and we all know all too well many of these types switch addresses…but forget to bring their game with them.

    1. I gave up all hope on players being with one team for their entire careers the day Isaac Bruce signed with the Niners back in 2008. My skin still crawls thinking about that! I don’t have anything against the Falcons these days. Just a slight dislike for Matt Ryan (the infamous Boston College/Virginia Tech game from 2007). I hate the fact that the Rams and Falcons play each other this year. Wonder if ESPN will turn it into a Monday night showdown.

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