Most people don’t have issues with gluten-containing foods. If you are one of the people out there that personally feel better on a gluten-free diet, go ahead and continue living to the fullest gluten-free. But don’t push your agenda on everyone else just so they can fit your bullshit paradigm. This is the biggest problem in nutrition and health communities all around the web.

Extreme diets that deprive you of the foods that you ENJOY won’t work. The worst people out there are the Paleotards. Get the fuck out. If you enjoy popcorn and ice cream, eat it within a means.

Never listen to somebody when it comes to nutrition who tells you to avoid particular foods that you happen to enjoy. The Paleo love is like a cult. But hey, most people are followers and NOT leaders, so the following of the Paleo ‘cult’ is nothing more than the average herd mentality showing itself. You go, herd, you go!

I highly recommend everyone that reads my (neglected and bereft-of-updates) blog to check out Jason Blaha over at the forums or on YouTube. The guy promotes me (by wearing Superman t-shirts and hoodies, because everybody knows that I’m the real life Superman), and he cuts through the dietary bullshit.


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