Like many, I’m going to reserve judgement until more information is discovered and disclosed accordingly.

Concise thoughts: how bizarre is this story? It’s creepy as hell. If this was merely a publicity stunt by Te’o, he pulled the wool over everybody’s eyes and he’s one unscrupulous individual to be able to look at so many people in the eyes and straight up lie. On the other hand, if he’s truthful in his (fault-based) stance that he’s the victim, then man, I have nothing to say about that.

Is this what college football is all about nowadays? A vehicle for the crazies?


One thought on “Manti Te’o and His Faux Girlfriend

  1. I totally agree. Wait for more info. That being said, I could not believe Notre Dame actually released a statement…and then held a pseudo-press conference…when they clearly don’t have all the facts either even with a head start. If the Deadspin story is dead-on, the university just became as nutty as everyone intimately involved.

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