“Peyton Manning is a playoff choker! He sucks! Tim Tebow won a playoff game last year! Peyton couldn’t do that! He blows! Throwing across his body and off the wrong foot against the Baltimore Ravens’ defense?! What in the world?! Peyton sucks!!!!!”

“The Broncos secondary is horrendous! The worst showing by any secondary all season! They are the reason the Broncos lost!!”

Team losses, oh team losses… what ever happened to team losses? The Denver Broncos lost to the Baltimore Ravens by the score of 38-35 because of a breakdown by the entire team. Yes, oh yes, the team. Everybody made mistakes (except for, say, Trindon Holliday).

What I don’t get is, with about 31 seconds left in regulation after the Ravens pulled off a monumental bomb play from Joe Flacco to Jacoby Jones that can also be called a major choke job by the Denver secondary (which happened multiple times, resulting in Flacco looking like an incredible quarterback), Peyton Manning kneeled the ball to allow the game to head to overtime. I’m not sure what John Fox told Peyton, but listen, the Broncos signed Manning for a reason. He’s a living football legend. 31 seconds left, with timeouts, is PLENTY of time to get down the field.

“But Troy! The Broncos had to take their sweet time moving the ball down the field all day! It’s ludicrous to think they could do it in 31 seconds!” Hey. HEY! Hello! They have Peyton effin’ Manning, folks. Yesterday, against the Seattle Seahawks’ defense, Matt Ryan moved the ball 41 yards in 18 seconds. There is absolutely no reason why the Broncos should have taken the knee yesterday, and it came back to bite them in overtime.

Let’s rewind to the instances BEFORE the bomb from Flacco to Jones. When the Broncos had the chance to close out the game, they ran the ball three consecutive times and didn’t even get anywhere near the first down marker. I swore, that on the third down play, Peyton would be passing. Nope. Run, stuffed, punt the ball back. Overtime… Bud Light! Here, we, go!

In overtime, Denver continued their conservative streak, running and running and running. It was physically making me sick to watch. Ronnie Hillman had a couple of damn good runs, but the offense became linear, predictable, banal.

That was a horrible throw in overtime by Peyton. The Broncos’ secondary played like garbage. The receiving corps had a couple of BIG TIME drops. John Fox… oh, John Fox!

Is John Fox even the RIGHT guy for the job? Who knows. He’s never won anything in his life (harsh statement, but trying to add some emphasis here). Obviously, when a team fails to surpass an obstacle or reach an objective, the fist two people that’s blamed is the quarterback or the coach, so I’m going to lay off of Fox for now.

Fox didn’t play in the Denver secondary. There were two guys back to stop Jones, and he was so far behind them one must wonder how these guys are playing for an NFL team’s defense. You can’t coach that in the pros. You just can’t. It is what it is, folks. It was a team loss.


3 thoughts on “The Denver Broncos Lost as a TEAM!

  1. I agree with you 1000%. Bottom line…..Tim Tebow single-handedly led the Broncos to the Playoffs and WON a playoff game by defeating the Steelers. Peyton Manning LOST a playoff game to the Ravens. Bottom line……Tebow took the Broncos further than Manning did…………..that is a hard-core FACT!!! FACT!!!!!!…………….LIKE IT OR NOT!!!!!!

  2. When John Fox submitted the idea to take a knee and head to OT Peyton should have waved that idea off like he did the punt teams in Indy. I could not believe they conceded the idea of heading to OT. It was a brutal loss. Perhaps if McGahee…and in the game Moreno…were not hurt, it might have been a different story. Then again, neither of them play defense. And on this day, neither did anyone on Denver that was assigned to.

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