If you are physically and/or mentally unhealthy and you don’t care enough to rectify the situation or at least attempt to mitigate your plight(s), I don’t care either. If you are my friend, I will love you to death and will let my loyalty be known to you via my actions, but if you don’t care about doing something that will improve yourself in every way possible with only benefits coming from this said hypothetical scenario, then I don’t care either. Obese, hypertensive, borderline diabetic with a fatty liver, failing pancreas & a life that’s going to shit because it’s a pain to move… and you don’t care? It’s difficult for me to care either, to put in the energy to care about somebody who doesn’t give a damn about themselves.

The above, sirs and mams, is how I see the San Diego Chargers organization.

Norv Turner, despite all that he’s accomplished as a coordinator in his football coaching career, has been a shoddy loser of a head coach from day one. I will never understand why in the hell the Oakland Raiders hired him in 2004. No sense. But then again, Al Davis (rest his soul) made decisions that most of us could not and cannot comprehend.

In 2006, the San Diego Chargers went 14-2 with Marty Schottenheimer (a hell of a coach). With Philip Rivers at the helm of quarterback for the first time in his career, LaDainian Tomlinson won the NFL MVP award. The Chargers were sharp. Then they lost to the New England Patriots in the AFC Divisional round of the playoffs, and AJ ‘Mistah Superstitious’ Smith fired Schottenheimer. Despite the fact that somebody (can’t remember who and it’s not important at this point) from the Chargers team fumbled away the ball late in the game and basically handed it over to Stephen Gostkowski and the Patriots, Schotty was fired. Why? Because of Schottenheimer’s history of having teams with a couple of players that find a way to set the shithouse on fire and burn the thing to the ground. Point, blank, bottom line.

So, after such a hell of a season, what happened to the Chargers? What did they do to improve after firing their head coach following a 14-2 season? They replaced him with Norv Turner, a perennial loser (harsh words are justified by the means of his track record and history) when it comes to being a head coach, just because Mr. Turner had a bit of success during his sole season as an offensive coordinator in San Francisco after getting Alex Smith to play a little bit of big boy football.

Goodbye. Note to NFL teams, learn from this man's track record.
Goodbye. Note to NFL teams, learn from this man’s track record.

Norv Turner inherited the program that Marty Schottenheimer built. Goes 11-5. Wins a playoff game against the Colts and falls to the then-undefeated New England Patriots in the AFC championship game. A success, right? I mean, they won a playoff game, something they couldn’t do with Schotty, right? Sure… next season, 8-8. Forgettable season. They, again, beat the Colts. Wow! Two playoff wins in just as many seasons! Man oh man! Norv Turner is the savior of San Diego! Yeah… They fell to the eventual Super Bowl champs AKA the Pittsburgh Steelers in the divisional round the following week. 2009? 13-3. Hell of a season. Hell of a ride. Heh, they fell to a rookie by the name of Mark Sanchez and the team known as the upstart New York Jets in the divisional round.

Nothing at all needs to be spewed about 2010 and 2011. Or 2012. Jokes. Blatant jokes.

Turner should have been pushed… no… kicked… NO… blasted, Quentin Tarantino-movie style, out of the door in San Diego.

He’s finally out of being a head coach in San Diego. I bet there’s a parade going on over there right now, with everybody happy at the shot of watching their team possibly get a veritable, plausible head coach! Good luck, friendos. I’m not a Chargers fan by any means. Couldn’t care less about ’em, but I’ll tell you one thing — I hate watching a fanbase suffer through the mediocrity of his stature for six seasons too long. “Good riddance”, 99.9% of the Chargers fans with the ability to think logically are emitting from their mouths at this juncture!

Oh, yeah, six other head coaches were fired today, but the only one I felt compelled to write about was Turner and his overstayed affair with the San Diego Chargers.

EDIT: Just now noticed that the Chargers ALSO fired AJ Smith! Nice job!


2 thoughts on “The Chargers Fire Norv Turner… Three Years Too Late!

  1. Thank the heavens on behalf of Chargers fans that both the head coach and the GM were relieved of their duties in SD…finally. This has been a long time coming. Heck, I remember many folks questioning Norv’s hiring in the first place…

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