UFC 155: Velasquez/dos Santos. What happened? Two words: total domination by Cain Velasquez.

Junior dos Santos was rolling going into this fight. Right after getting the championship belt in dominant fashion, he got the Nike sponsorship, his Brazilian Jiu Jitsu black belt, and another devastating over Frank Mir (who was, obviously, no match). Overall, he was raking in the success, and he came into this fight as a heavy favorite, despite Cain being [obviously] hungrier.

We also saw that dos Santos has been overflowing with confidence. He didn’t seem to be training in his usual style, and he went to some expensive gyms and such, abandoning his roots with his original team. In his interviews, his smile could be seen from a mile away, and his English has never been sharper.

Look back at Rocky 3. Balboa was rolling in success after beating Apollo — he bought a huge house, fancy car, received a lot of endorsements and he was coming off a huge win streak (against weak opponents). He came into the fight as a favorite against Clubber Lang, who was far hungrier than he was.

Rocky was also overflowing with confidence and seemed to abandon his usual training methods, instead smiling far more to reporters and posing for endorsements instead of listening to his old trainer.

JDS’s poor performance in gassing like that — so badly — in the first round is a result of his pre-match activities. He was far too hyped up in himself, while Cain was so focused and hungry to win. You could see how JDS’s ‘wonderful’ takedown defense faded after a few minutes, while that had never happened previously. It came down to the “Clubber Lang” syndrome.

And yes, it was ironic he came out to Rocky’s music.


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