Tell me, is there a defensive rookie in the NFL that’s playing better than Janoris Jenkins? Call me biased (and I am), but his play all season warrants a look as the Defensive Rookie of the Year. Three touchdowns in two weeks, being the reason your team has beaten Arizona and San Francisco? A defensive back doing this? Give me some reasons as to why he shouldn’t be the defensive rookie of the year.

Why is Northern Illinois in a BCS bowl game? Where’s Georgia and Texas A&M? Just another remnant of the BCS that turns me off and away from college football. I hardly watch the regular season nowadays because of the overload of blowouts and uninteresting games. When the playoff system is implemented, the regular season will be even more unappealing. Just my two cents. Obviously I care about Virginia Tech, but I can’t take the program seriously until the coaching staff realizes that the offense has been outdated for the last eight years. I’m not as big on Frank Beamer these days as others.


2 thoughts on “Janoris Jenkins is a Beast and Who is Northern Illinois?

  1. Jenkins has been playing lights-out from what I have seen in highlights and read of online. Northern Illinois is in a BCS game because the Feds were ready to slap college football around with anti-trust legislation if they didn’t include all the lower level teams that it was OK to rack up wins against…but not to let have a shot at the real money when they do well. Wait until the new playoff system goes into effect and each year one of these “mid-major” teams is guaranteed a BCS bowl. As for the Hokies, I think all of us were surprised at their lackluster season, especially in that lackluster conference.

    1. Happy to see Tech finish the year on a solid note. (Not too solid, but a win is a win, and 7-6 is always better than 6-7.)

      I’m ready to see how legit Northern Illinois is in a couple of days.

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