I’m hardly a Kobe Bryant fan, but unfortunately I have to agree with his “shut up” comments to critics of the Lakers. They are 0-3. Good lawd. 0-3 in an NBA season that’s 82 games long must already mean the season’s in jeopardy! Oh, it isn’t, you say? Ah, I wouldn’t know judging by the massive overreaction of emotional fanatics in the sports world.

That’s something that irks the hell out of me: too many fans allow their emotions to take precedence over logic. As Colin Cowherd frequently says, “Keep the emotions out of it; see the bigger picture”. Thinking clearly and objectively is the real deal.

The Lakers’ lineup just got together. The dudes are gelling. Mike Brown isn’t much of a head coach (he only made his name in San Antonio before having mild success in Cleveland thanks to some ‘scrub‘ by the name of LeBron James), but the level of the Lakers’ team as a whole is enough to right the ship and at least get them to the Finals barring a big series with Oklahoma City and [maybe] San Antonio. Hey, if Erik Spoelstra can win an NBA title, so can Brown.

There’s nothing to say except pointless bloviation from here on out about the Lakers. Talk to me again in March. I said something similar during the 2010-2011 season, to never count out the Lakers, and I was proven wrong when they had the absolute shit beaten out of them by the Dallas Mavericks during the playoffs. But that was a different time. Phil Jackson was at the end of his run, the Lakers were coming off of two NBA Finals victories in a row and the entire team was playing uninspired basketball (even Kobe pulled out one of his historical tactics of not giving a damn, which he’s ‘damn good’ at).

Y’know, David Stern’s set to retire on February 1, 2014. Bet the whole damn house that we’ll see the Lakers and the Heat in the Finals for one last Stern-infused hoo-rah. Just sayin’. Kobe and Stern are on their way out in the same year. You people are nuts if you think the Lakers aren’t going to bounce back from their plight by the time March and April rolls around. Holler at me then, if they are still struggling. I won’t mind at all. In fact, I’ll revel in the Lakers’ failures with all the current detractors.


2 thoughts on “Kobe’s Right: Shut Up

  1. All I could think of when this nonsense started about the demise of the Lakers was the fact the season essentially doesn’t end until the Fourth of July. It is a product of our 24/7 sports yak world that once they lost their opener the questions would start coming…is this working…are they who we thought they were…who will be traded or fired? Noise for the sake of noise. As you noted…talk to me when Spring rolls around.

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