Come at me, Bromas… Lomas.

I’ve been ranting about ESPN for years. I started TSTOS in March 2007, and 5 years/7+ months later I’m still shaking my damn head at seemingly anything ESPN does.

Props to Lomas Brown. He had a long tenure in the NFL as a tackle. Kudos for being badass enough to withstand 17-18 years in the pros. But I don’t like Lomas as an analyst. Whenever he comes on ESPN, I get a sensation in my amygdala that tells me to turn off the TV. But oftentimes, I ignore the palpable caveat because of boredom or quiet curiosity and hope that something intelligent will be emitted by Mr. Brown.

Two years ago, ol’ Lomas called Joe Montana a ‘system quarterback’. I don’t know what it is about the phrase ‘system quarterback’, but whenever anybody says the phrase, the label, statement, whatever… it comes off as negative and condescending. It’s become a cliche in the football world, and it’s a lazy description to tag any quarterback with. Aren’t you supposed to be a system quarterback? Right down to the core of the definition, if I were a head coach, I’d be hoping to hell that my starting quarterback is a master of my system.

Allow me to step aside here with an ‘aside’ of my own in addition to Lomas’s ignorant, lazy statement regarding Montana’s ability to run an offense. My top two quarterbacks of all-time are 1.) Joe Montana and 2.) Tom Brady. Guess what a lot of folks anoint Tom Brady [lazily] as? A system quarterback. I’ve asked (redundantly and ad nauseum) people who have said this over the years, “what exactly is a system quarterback to you?” Their response is typically “a quarterback that needs a particular system to succeed!” Yeah, Brady went through Weiss’s system, McDaniel’s system… but hey, anybody can be a ‘system quarterback’ and that’s all they’ll ever be despite succeeding, breaking records and winning a trio of Super Bowls, right? I mean, we can dumb down a guy’s success by using that magical phrase, huh? What a crock of shit. I’m not holding back, because that’s what it is. Pure and grade A (with a plus!).

Let’s put it to rest: the phrase ‘system quarterback’ is silly. Don’t describe the greats, the best of the best, as system quarterbacks. If you are going to dub somebody with that daft label, give it to Mark Rypien. Does anyone remember Mark Rypien? He was a Superbowl MVP quarterback who had a cannon arm with great accuracy on the deep ball, but was lacking on doing everything short and intermediate. He was a ‘system quarterback’. Put him in the ’80s west coast offense and he would fail. Put the current Peyton Manning in a play action offense with max protection, two receiver routes running deep down the field, and he would look absolutely terrible.

That was two years ago, and I mention it only now because his appearance on SportsCenter yesterday had me remembering and thinking. Yesterday ol’ Lomas stated that he believes the Eagles are the best 3-3 team in the league right now. Now, certainly, I’d love to sit here and write that the Rams are the best 3-3 team, but that’s not the case. Though, allow me to point out that Lomas had Philly going to the Super Bowl before the season began, so he’s just showing the world that he has a pair of iron balls and will stick up for his Super Bowl choice, but man, his little appearance brought me back to his Montana statement. Good lord. Get out.


3 thoughts on “Lomas Brown is an Idiot

  1. Hey everyone is entitled to their opinions and I do consider Joe Montana the 2nd best QB ever behind Dan Marino, that’s my OPINION!! I don’t mind you critizing me that comes with being in the media, but what I can’t stand is for someone to call me names when you don’t know me, you sound like a hater, don’t blame me because the worldwide leader is where I work and doing crap like this is how you get your rocks off, have a good life

    Lomas Brown

    1. I have no ‘hate’ for you as a person, my man; in fact, judging by your on-air personality you seem like a heck of a guy to hang out with, but when it comes to the thoughts you’ve dispensed about the NFL and ONLY that, I think those said thoughts of yours are (were?) misguided and silly. Notice how I didn’t attack you as a person or your personality or character (I have no grounds to do that, as I don’t even know you personally), but with regards to your ‘analysis’, I back up the ‘idiot’ label, harsh or not. I severely disagree with what you’ve said and called you out on it, point blank. No hate involved, just being a straight shooter and calling it how I see it. Glad to have rustled your jimmies along the way. My rocks have indeed gotten off. I just hope this was the ‘real’ Lomas Brown. 😉

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