I don’t really have any words at the moment.

Oh, hell, I have five: I love the baseball playoffs.

I reckon that’s easy to say at this juncture: down 6-0 in a winner-take-all game five against ‘baseball’s best’, the Washington Nationals, the Cardinals gradually stormed back. Down on their last legs with one strike away from being sent packing back to St. Louis for the winter, they came through. Just like they did in the World Series last year.

The grand result? The St. Louis Cardinals 9. The Washington Nationals 7. Goodbye.

I wrote a post shortly before the 2011 season explaining why it would be alright for the Cards to let go of Pujols, that they didn’t need him. People scoffed at the blog post, telling me that it was a ridiculous idea to have, to let the best baseball player in the land walk away, but I didn’t see it that way: I always saw it as a 32 year old (I looked towards 2012) Albert Pujols and a 10 year deal. I thought it would have been irresponsible of the Cardinals to hand over such a lengthy contract to guy that had been seemingly hitting into more double plays than getting on base or scoring, not to mention a man that would only be at the plate about 3-4 times a game. Not my cup of tea.

So, Pujols heads to the Los Angeles Angels. They miss the playoffs. The Cardinals? Back in the playoffs, and now, back in the NLCS with a chance to head to another World Series. It’s beautiful.

Can the St. Louis Cardinals capture number 12 in ’12?


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