I don’t like the idea that one singular thing (edible food item) is healthy or unhealthy. Is one doughnut unhealthy? To say it is, is fucking stupidly preposterous.

The problem in America is that everybody wants to instantly label something as healthy or unhealthy and create impulsive rules around concrete guidelines that people will not follow because it’s fucking stupid.

What people need to learn is to consume micronutrient-dense foods that meet their macros. A little treat on the side isn’t going to kill you nor will a small bowl of ice cream run roughshod on your body.


The problem with the IIFYM (If It Fits Your Macros) diet is that a lot of people lack self control. Myself included. I don’t like the word ‘moderation’, because it’s become an overused cliche emitted by everyone. A small bowl of ice cream, for me, turns into several bowls of ice cream.

A lot of people are taught that you must eat several ‘small meals’ a day, and I think it’s absolute fucking bullshit. Me, I eat about two meals a day, sometimes one, and I eat A LOT, because that’s the kind of eater I am, and I look and feel phenomenal. It’s all about doing what you feel like within limits. It’s unfortunate that everybody has been mindfucked regarding health because of the ignorant mainstream media’s spew instead of logging online and acquiring knowledge by the means of seeking scientific peer reviewed studies.


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