A lot of dunces like to correlate red meat to cancer. Correlation and causation, they do not equal, but people living in the ’80s or uninformed health scare tactic dunces enjoy emitting a plethora of mind-numbing lunacy in the guise of text when it comes to dietary saturated fat or red meat. Allow yours truly, Troy Sparks, to make this brief.

Red meat is very weakly correlated with cancer and/or heart health despite whatever nonsense that’s been made up in your head.

Do you want to know why red meat is often connected to cancer?

Do you really wanna know?

Alright, people:

1.) Red meat is typically high in fat.
2.) People who eat high amounts of red meat are less likely to consume adequate fiber (generalizing)
3.) People who eat large amounts of red meat also typically exercise less than other people.

If you pay attention and statistically correct those three confounding variables, you find that red meat has virtually No. ZIP. ZERO association with heart disease or cancer itself.


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