The sports world and the media members involved are propagating a shit storm regarding nightclubs and athletes.

Y’know why? ‘Course you do – Adrian Peterson apparently resisted arrest, and now he’s suspiciously hired Rusty Hardin (same guy that backed Roger Clemens) to be his attorney… for a misdemeanor.

Now, I don’t want to get into the logistics of All-Day’s arrest. I have zero desire to write about something I know nothing about, so I’ll leave it at that.

What I want to touch on is this: nightclubs. Flippin’ nightclubs. When did it become a tenet in sports for athletes to be treated like mindless children? A lot of the old-school, go-to-bed-at-7 PM guys in the media are ranting and raving about how athletes and nightclubs should be absolutely separated because of ‘what goes on’ inside.

What goes on inside, exactly? Violence? Drunken idiocy? There are some cases of that with some athletes (keep checking out that sexy usage of the word ‘some’) getting involved in that kind of bullshit here and there, but there’s only a sample size. If you compare how many athletes that go to nightclubs and DO NOT get in trouble to athletes that go and do get in trouble, you’ll see the broad & vast difference in numbers.

Of course, this is ignored by many. These media guys are saying that athletes put themselves in danger by going to nightclubs. I’m not sure these said media guys have realized that these athletes are grown men, and the ones that put themselves in danger are the ones likely to be stupid enough to over-drink their tolerance or already have a proclivity to be immature. That’s not every athlete.

Like I said, I’m reserving my comments about All-Day resisting arrest because of the lack of details, but I think a grown man should be able to make the decision to go to a nightclub or not. You can easily get in as much trouble from different precarious ‘situations’ during the middle of the day as you can at night in a club. The examples are far and few between.

Sports media fodder, sports media fodder, sports media fodder. It’s a nonstop cycle of negative reports in a loop. Bring on more nightclub detractors.


4 thoughts on “Athletes and Night Clubs: Oh, Hell.

  1. There’s certainly a need for some of these guys to be seen off the field…being fawned over…and flexing their celebrity…but just as many surely like to go out and just have a good time. Period. The media seems to want everyone in sports in curfew all the time…while they of course follow a different set of rules. I have successfully detached myself from that negative reporting cycle. I try very hard to only watch sporting events themselves and only skim the daily headlines as they relate to player transactions, injuries, etc.

  2. You’d need a few notepads to list the names of all the NFL players who have gotten into trouble in bars, nightclubs and strip joints. For starters, there’s Pacman Jones, Plaxico Burress, Braylon Edwards, Santonio Holmes and Fred Taylor.

    1. And you’d need a book or two to list the names (a thousand or a couple?) of all the NFL players that are responsible and stay out of trouble.

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