The detractors of LeBron James can finally shut the fuck up for a day or five years; he’s an NBA champion.

No more bashing, no more bullshit, no more vapid claims that he can’t perform when the times matter most.

Here’s something I’d like to piss people off with (for a moment):  when Michael Jordan won his first title, the Bulls were down 0-1 before winning four in a row. As everybody knows, LeBron James replicated that performance 21 years later.

I reckon the ol’ haters will be back with a bloody vengeance soon enough, picking up another argument to fuel the fire for the deep rooted hatred for a Champion.

One guy wrote, a while back, “I hate LeBron because he gets too much notoriety for not even having a championship ring”. Well, hey, buddy, that’s over. ‘Bron-‘Bron has his ring. But for the sake of being a hindsight hero, why hate LeBron for something the media has propagated? It’s not as if LeBron went to ESPN and said, “Hai dere guise, put muh ass on sum highlyghts ‘n’ talk ’bout meh all SportsCenter long”. Let’s not get it twisted. Don’t hate LeBron; hate the media.

“But, but, but,” the guy nervously stammers, “the way he left Cleveland and then celebrated with the Heat was disrespectful!”

Oh, yeah? Well, guess what, buddy? The dude already mentioned that it was a bad idea, and guess what (again)? It was two years ago. Get over it. LeBron James was truly under-appreciated in Cleveland. He busted his ass there, and single-handedly took that team to an NBA Finals at the age of 22 back in 2007. The ‘Celebration’ following the ‘Decision’ was god awful, but again, it was two years ago. Let’s scadazzle on. (NOTE: Six more titles until that elusive number seven is captured, huh?)

It’s tough for a lot of these hatin’ fools to display a modicum of class and respect, all the while they play the skin flute on a man up in Cleveland that was originally a Detroit native before taking his talents to the said Cleveland area. You know who I’m speaking of — Dan Gilbert. Should we hate Gilbert, too?

After all, ol’ Gilbert lied to LeBron, and I reckon that’s alright, considering how lying has become an art form over the existence of life.

Yeah, ol’ Danny G. bullshitted LeBron… fed him promises that were broken, gave him the idea that he would surround LeBron with players that would compete for a championship as if they were a bunch’o’famished sum’ bitches.

Didn’t happen. LeBron got scrubs like Drew “I Destroy Every Team I’m On” Gooden and the oft-injured Larry “Can’t Run ‘Cuz Mah Ass Hurts” Hughes.

LeBron gave the middle finger to the Cavaliers and joined winners.

You can sit back and say, “Ah, well, y’know, y’know, ah, well, y’know, Michael, Larry or Magic would have never done that…” Alright… Those three individuals never had the idea or the chance to do so in the first place. “Of course they had the chance,” you yell! Oh, yeah? When? It’s a different time today. It’s not the ’80s, and it’s certainly not the ’90s. It’s the year 2012, and the media stays up players’ asses today. It’s a different time, and a different era, so why are we bullshitting about players of old or listening to them act like Hindsight Heroes? If they didn’t want to play with one another, the 1992 Dream Team would have never happened. If one recalls, they loved that shit.

So, hear ye, hear ye… LeBron James is a Champion. And not one angry, ignorant dunce can take that away from him.

(Just an Addendum for this post: LeBron James is a special talent that we’ll never see in another player again. He’s a rarity. He’s about 6’8″-‘6’9″… 270-280 pounds. Built like a tank, comes at his opponents like a train. He can’t be stopped. He’s the funnest player in the league to watch (save for Rajon Rondo), and he has an extreme passion for the game. So, with that said, why hate? Why bother? Why expend so much energy on bashing LeBron? I don’t get it. Aren’t there better things to do? Why not just kick back, watch the dude play ball, and not worry ’bout it?)


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