It’s over. 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011. Five seasons, three trips to the Eastern Conference Finals, two visits to the NBA Finals and one NBA championship.

The Big 3 era within the confines of the vestiges of the Pride and Glory of The Boston Celtics is over.

As a fan, I wanted to see the group that gave me so many memories as a Celtics fan win one more championship. The 2010 game 7 loss to the Lakers from June 17, 2010 still stings like hell, and the loss tonight hurts almost as bad. A championship for the Boston Celtics in 2012? Despite overcoming the odds and making if farther than anybody predicted, it simply wasn’t meant to be.

What a hell of a ride, these past five seasons.

Who’s back? Who’s gone? I think Kevin Garnett will get a 2-year deal and Ray Allen will be gone.

As for the Miami Heat, I hope they go ahead and beat the Oklahoma City Thunder so that LeBron James can capture that elusive first ring and shut up the critics that have lambasted him to hell and back. I’m tired of the James criticisms; they are repetitive and typically spouted by the average LeBron detractor, without objectiveness and packed with bitterness, that regurgitates what they’ve heard from somebody else, convoluted with hot garbage and inconsistent with the realities of LeBron James’s actual play. Whew.


2 thoughts on “It Wasn’t Meant to Be

  1. Boston certainly got a longer and greater return on investment with the Big Three than I thought they would…and perhaps even they thought they would. I do think Ray is gone no matter what he wishes. It will be interesting to see if they tinker with the idea of a second member departing for more depth, to get younger, etc.

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