The Spurs were knocked off by the Thunder in Oklahoma City last night. After winning 20 games in a row, they lost four straight and had to face today like a drunkard greeting the view of the bright-ass morning sun.

In every bit of my admitted bias, I wanted to see a Spurs-Celtics Finals matchup. They are my two favorite teams in the league, and either outcome would have been a win-win (with Tim Duncan going for his fifth ring or the Celtics chasing that elusive 18th championship). Call me a whiner or call me a fact-spouting bloggin’ broski, but the Thunder received more favorable calls in the fourth quarter than a whore in heat. There was a sequence in the game when the Spurs had six consecutive calls go against them. ‘The hell?

The analysts on TNT and ESPN praised Kevin Durant for the work he’s done at the age of 23. No surprise to me, though, because there’s this guy down in Miami that single-handedly led the Cleveland Cavaliers to the NBA Finals in 2007 at only the age of 22. The team he beat up on? The Detroit Pistons. Not an easy feat five years ago either.

Us human beings are creatures of impulsive reactions. We have a tendency to impulsively react to what we see in the moment, and right now a lot of people have bought into the Oklahoma City Thunder as the NBA champions. Listen, folks, Kendrick Perkins’s first daddy was the Boston Celtics, and if the Celtics knock off the Miami Heat tonight, the Celtics will — at the very least — reinforce the truth to Perk.

On the Celtics:

Tonight’s the night where a man like myself will be in his bedroom alone, in front of a lit up screen, with his cell phone turned off, his computer in ‘sleep’ mode, with only a box of tissues and an old, beat-up pillow by his side.

A man like that is either watching a porno… or a Boston Celtics game.

I’m as nervous as all get out for tonight. One more win and the Celtics are in. I don’t want to see a game 7 go down in Miami. So many people (like I said, creatures of impulsive reactions) have spent their time shit talking the Heat for allowing the broken down Celtics to rattle off 3 wins in a row. Historically (by ‘historically’ I mean over the last two seasons), the Heat play their best ball when their backs are against the wall. Hey, look, damn it!

Regardless of what happens tonight or what occurs in a potential game 7, I’m proud of this bunch (minus one Kendrick Perkins, who was unfortunately traded away last season). Back in the summer of 2007 when Ray Allen and Kevin Garnett joined sides with Paul Pierce, I knew something special was in the making. 2008 turned out to be an amazing year, which I still can’t put in proper context to explain. Almost everything about that year was perfect and flawless. Watching the Celtics knock off the Los Angeles Lakers in six games (in that sixth game, it was like a bunch of pigs being slaughtered) on June 17, 2008 will never be able to exactly be replicated.

After losing game 6 of the Finals in ’08, the media asked Kobe Bryant, “Now that you’ve played the Boston Celtics in an NBA Finals, what was it like?”

“It sucks.” That’s all Kobe said, with a facetious grin. He got his revenge two years later.

2010 was not a good year. I could concoct a Christmas list of reasons, but let’s whittle it down to the month of June 2010. The Lakers and the Celtics renewed their rivalry once again. Somehow, the Celtics had faced all odds. The whole 2009-2010 NBA season was driven by media fodder about how the Celtics would be useless in the playoffs and either lose to Miami in the first round, Cleveland in the second or Orlando in the third. The Celtics gave each of those teams a knockout punch right in the mouth.

In the 2010 Finals, the Celtics were up 3-2 in the series. One game away from grabbing number 18. However, in the fashion of the year 2010 and everything that had occurred in the year 2010, the Celtics fittingly lost two games in a row and had to watch LA celebrate on the court.

The Celtics lost the ’10 Finals on June 17, 2010… two years to the day they beat the Lakers in ’08. Yeah, losing to the Lakers sucks, too.

They blew a 3-2 lead two years ago. They have a 3-2 lead in the Eastern Conference Finals right now against — again — the Miami Heat. Remember, LeBron James joinced forces with Dwyane Wade in order to beat the Boston Celtics. They did last year, but they have to do it once again against a hungry, rough and prepared bunch of veterans that aren’t taking any shit from a few young bucks that proclaimed they’d win seven titles two summers ago (we haven’t seen one yet).

It’s not about the Big Three or the Big Four. It’s about the pride and the glory of the Boston Celtics coming out to shine.


2 thoughts on “Another Shot at Number 18 for the Boston Celtics

  1. Passionate post…and welcome back. Sorry about your Spurs. Perhaps we can start a conspiracy theory the NBA had more desire for the Oklahoma City Thunder to appear in the Finals to showcase Kevin Durant as the next “Great One?” God knows we always hear how the San Antonio Spurs are “ratings killers.” As for any conspiracy theory the Miami Heat are supposed to meet OKC there…that one is failing miserably.

    1. Man, what a way to watch both teams go down. Now we get the Hollywood-as-hell Finals that the general fans will really enjoy. Like you said, the Spurs are seen as “ratings killers” and the Celtics seem useless to most people if they aren’t facing the Lakers. Nonetheless, the Finals should be hot and heavy.

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