OK, this dust-up — fueled by ESPN’s flogging and Rodney Harrison’s flaming — regarding the appropriateness of Rob Gronkowski partying like a fool after New England’s Super Bowl loss: enough already.

First, it’s awesome that cell-phone video footage is once again the surveillance tool of choice. Just awesome. Love the appropriateness of that these days.

Secondly, had Gronkowski partied like a fool inside the Patriots locker room, then we might have something to talk about. That’s where the power of the big defeat upon psyches and emotions should be felt and contemplated in traditional somber tones.

Blowing off steam later at a party, the team-sponsored party? It’s something entirely different, something perfectly fine and something ridiculous for the ex-Patriot Harrison or anybody else to fuss over.

On to the next 24/7 news cycle chum of  “scandal”. Cell cameras ready?


2 thoughts on “Party Like a Patriot? Fine by me

  1. Athletes are human beings. Human beings use all sorts of ways to blow off steam and cool down. I don’t have any problem at all with the Gronk doing whatever he was trying to “accomplish” after the game. The only question I have…and fans can legitimately raise…is how extensive was his injury? On one hand, he was rarely used during the game. On the other, he allegedly was being held out of workouts for most of the run-up to kickoff. The question is legit how injured the man actually was…with the logical follow-up…why wasn’t he utilized more one way or the other? His post-game stuff? No issue with any of it.

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