Ah, tomorrow… it’s all very so ironic, isn’t it? My last post was about the Tom Petty song “Runnin’ Down a Dream” and about how it reminds me of Super Bowl XLII. Here we are, about three months after that post was written, and the grand rematch of 2008 will be going down tomorrow evening.

Tom Brady and Bill Belichick are still pissed off, folks. I don’t care what anybody says, especially what they might have said. Four years and one day ago, they were 18-0, on the cusp of immortality as a 19-0 football team, safely ensconcing themselves in the NFL history books as the undisputed, unquestionable, unequivocal greatest team of all-time. No formidable arguments would stand the chance to be made against that statement.

Didn’t happen, though, of course.

Eli Manning escaped a should’ve-been sack and threw up a prayer-of-a-pass that was caught by the good graces of an unheralded wide receiver by the name of David Tyree and his helmet. If Rodney Harrison were here, I’d have him take you through the motions of that play.

I’m not going to lie — it was a great night, February 3, 2008. As a football fan, I was elated. I was happy. My St. Louis Rams were virtually vindicated six years to the day they had fallen to the dastardly Patriots in 2002. Let’s be honest, though: 2008 was ultimately an amazing year in general, filled with happiness, peace and stress-free days for yours truly. The Boston Celtics captured their 17th NBA title, and their first in 22 years, four months and 14 days after the Giants upended the Patriots. I remember that entire year like it was yesterday.

But I digress.

One can’t ignore that the Patriots must be pissed off. They have to be. It was only four years ago when they were denied just one more win. What’s been said has been said. I don’t have any special armchair analysis to give. Everything about the big game has already been spouted. ESPN, SI, Pro Football Talk, Football’s Future… all the folks from those places have already said what’s needed to be said about the game.

The New York Giants are looking to capture their fourth Lombardi trophy, and so are the New England Patriots. Both teams are familiar foes. The Giants entered the playoffs much like they did in the 2007 season: on a hot streak that doesn’t look like it’s going to cool down all by itself. The Patriots have made their way to Indianapolis after beating Baltimore thanks to a kick that sailed wide left thanks to kicker Billy Cundiff.

My prediction?

Four years ago (and you can find it on here in the archives), I predicted that the Giants would take down the Patriots. Well, I’m not going to pick against Tom Brady twice. I have a feeling. I’m picking the Pats.


4 thoughts on “Super Bowl Eve Musings

  1. Troy, got to this post-game but I always love seeing you blogging your thoughts on sports, food…anything. “Come back on” and let us know what you thought of “THE BIG GAME”…or drop a comment over on my site. Also, if you have any feelings about those commercials…lifeattitudes.com awaits a visit from ya. All the best!!!

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