How in the hell did they get there?

At the beginning of the year, injuries consumed the St. Louis Cardinals. The media delivered an absolute shit storm of spew about Albert Pujols and where he’d be heading following this season. This Cardinals team is a lot like the NFL’s Green Bay Packers from their Super Bowl run last year.

They looked finished during the early goings of September.

They were finished in game 6 of the World Series, when David Freese (0-3 up to that point) came up to bat. Two outs and one strike away from losing the World Series to the Texas Rangers — who were in their second World Series in a row — Freese saved the Cardinals. Then he did it again in the 11th inning with a solo home run that gave the World Series an automatic game 7 (its first since 2002).

Boom, shocka, locka.

Forget the Yankees, Red Sox, Phillies or any other kind of overly heralded teams that garner way too much attention from the baseball media. The St. Louis Cardinals are back on top.

Everybody said the Phillies would beat the Cardinals. They didn’t. Everybody said the Brewers would beat the Cardinals. They didn’t. Many people said the Rangers would beat the Cardinals. Ahem… I think you see a pattern here.

I’m not sure how this World Series stacks up to 2006. That World Series was really special, with Scott Rolen and Jim Edmonds on the team. This year, though, is a shocker, because back in 2006, although the Cardinals only won 82 games that year they had won 105 in 2004 and 100 in 2005, so they were fairly dominant whenever they were spoken of. 2011? All that was heard about was how the Phillies were going to run the table and make every other ball club their respective, er, ‘bitch’.

The 2011 St. Louis Cardinals, your World Series champions.


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