“How did we get here?”, the St. Louis Cardinals ask.

It’s absolutely amazing that the Cardinals are actually in the World Series, let alone going into the top of the ninth inning of game two up 1-0 against the Texas Rangers in the game while also being up 1-0 in the series.

Jason Motte.

Jason Motte…
That hurt a hell of a whole lot
Blowing that lead turned my stomach into a knot
Are the Cards’ World Series chances going to rot?

Allen Craig had won the Cards the game
Losing 2-1 is just a shame
Now Saturday, the Series is headed to Texas as the Rangers flame
Might as well watch USC play Notre Dame

Enjoy my impromptu nursery rhyme esque poem?

Two games… two games. They have been excellent. A lot of pundits are saying the Series will go seven. I can see that. The two games already played have been low scoring, but with the Series shifting to Texas, I can imagine the scoring augmenting.

It’s a shame that Jaime Garcia pitched possibly the game of his life… only to watch his team falter in the ninth inning. It happens, though. That’s baseball.

As a Cardinals fan today, I can’t help but feel dread. Saturday, Sunday and Monday… we’ll see what happens.


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