Was Jim Harbaugh in the wrong yesterday, when he overzealously shook Lions coach Jim Schwartz’s hand and then aggressively shoved him in the back?

I don’t think so.

First and foremost, I’m a St. Louis Rams fan (as made obvious by the sports banner of four years above) and I despise the San Francisco 49ers. However, I never let my hate get in my way of what I think, and I think Harbaugh is in the right and Schwartz is in the wrong.

Compete, compete, compete. Win or lose… just compete and play to win the game.

Yesterday I wrote about AJ Hawk and his middle finger being plastered all over Yahoo! Sports. Today, I’m writing about the coach of the 5-1 49ers and their win over Jim Schwartz and the previously undefeated Detroit Lions.

Schwartz is crying over spilled milk. He antagonized Harbaugh during the game with his “know the rules!” jab. He also used profanity during the handshake at the end of the game.

Harbaugh is a fist pump, chest bump type of coach. He rah-rahs and stimulates the competitive ‘muscles’ of his Niners. Schwartz is the same kind of coach for the Lions, and if you heard all the things he said when he was mic’ed up on the sidelines when the Lions played the Dallas Cowboys, you would wholeheartedly agree.

Was Harbaugh over the top? Sure, but it happens. It’s not a mere excuse, but rather a reason. Nowadays, so many coaches in the NFL are bland and boring, lacking any semblance of scintillating panache or charisma. You may ask, “Why do they need to have any personality? They are grown men, head coaches and they are just doing their jobs.” Well, I’m an observer… a viewer of sports, just like those of you reading, and I enjoy being entertained rather than being lulled to sleep.

Two babies masquerading as adults? Sure, but have you ever been in their shoes? Are you an NFL coach who just moved on up to a 5-1 record after defeating a previously undefeated team? Have you ever accomplished such a feat? No? Then why are you and the rest of the people in the sports media world ragging on somebody when you have never been in their position? You would do things differently, huh? Yeah, you ‘would’, but I would also be a billionaire.
My bottom line: Schwartz essentially called Harbaugh a ‘dumbass’ over the call to review the touchdown play. If you watch the replay after the game, Harbaugh approaches Schwartz, shakes his hand and slaps him on the back while he is still moving. It is Schwartz that clearly said, “What the fuck?!” to which Harbaugh replied with the exact same words.

Harbaugh continues to move away, and Schwartz chases Harbaugh. Both coaches are EXTREMELY competitive and were very wound up from the close game. Harbaugh looked like he was going to puke or have a heart attack in the last minute or so of the game. Lifting his shirt was his reaction after his team won.

This is why the NFL is so entertaining. Entertaining characters like Harbaugh and Schwartz make for great television, especially considering the drama that is professional football.


2 thoughts on “Coaches in Turmoil: Jim Harbaugh vs. Jim Schwartz

  1. Jim Harbaugh has never to my knowledge been a likeable fellow. His act is well-documented and Jim Schwartz should be worldly enough to know what was coming. You don’t “get back” at anyone after the game no matter how they “greet” you. You wait for the rematch and go for two when up by thirty. That’s how you humiliate an opposing coach – on the field. Trying it at the handshake, you are only humiliating yourself. Schwartz overreacted big-time and in some circles there was conjecture he would get fined, not Harbaugh. This will not be the last Harbaugh incident. No way to legislate it either. Good luck NFL trying to keep Jim from being…”happy.” Wait until he starts running up scores on people…oh, such fun awaits. I’ll be rooting for when the tables are turned on Harbaugh and people start giving it back to him. That will be entertaining!

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