After Green Bay Packers’ linebacker AJ Hawk sacked St. Louis Rams’ quarterback Sam Bradford, he extended his arm and gave the sky a middle finger.

People are raging, calling him a goofball, a classless and insolent jerk, a realistic depiction of today’s American athletes compared to the athletes of old…

All of this crap.

Testosterone is one hell of a funny hormone. Today’s sports games practically have five billion cameras on every athlete on the field or court. Every time an athlete moves, picks his nose, adjusts his crotch, does jumping jacks, laughs at a joke, frowns, grimaces, etc., that athlete will be on camera and somebody, somewhere will have the nerve to sit down and complain about it.

Well, I’m complaining, but not about Hawk and his middle finger — I’m complaining about the massive overreaction on Yahoo! Sports. I don’t expect anything more from that site, considering some of the news that their columnists post,  but it’s time to stop insulting athletes when they are acting in the heat of the battle. It’s called an impulsive reaction. Now, some people can control themselves better than others — that’s a given.

Someone once said that a person’s true character shines when in the heat of a battle, but I think that’s a bit overblown. I think a person’s true character actually shines when money is involved (let’s be honest — money is the best truth serum, and if you take two people and put money between them, only then will you see the two people’s true attitudes and character).

But I digress.

There are simply too many ‘journalists’ writing about nothing! Athletes are testosterone fueled freaks (and I mean that in a good way, for sure)! They will be brash, callous, and yes, even tactless when competing! They don’t need to be diplomatic! I read where the R&B singer Usher ripped his pants on stage. So what?! He’s a singer. He sang his show! All was well! Celebrity weddings! Thousands of dollars spent! Enough to buy two or three houses for a Hollywood wedding that might make four years.

I can’t believe we are so worried about a middle finger.


One thought on “AJ Hawk and Flipping the Bird

  1. “Too many “journalists” writing about nothing!” Bingo. When you create a 24/7, 365 day a year cycle for information you have to magnify even the smallest of incidents in order to have a chance to have enough “items” to talk about. Everything is blown out of proportion because you have to fill every second of every day of every year with SOMETHING. Even if it’s NOTHING. Keep writing. We miss these!

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