I love the St. Louis Rams. I really do. But the porous effort being delivered when playing a game of football has to stop somewhere. Last year, I thought the improvement would carry over, but just as I thought in 2006-2007, I was wrong.

Now, they are 0-4, and they play in the NFC West, so all is not lost considering that nobody in that division is going to run away with the division crown, but progress needs to be made.

It’s not that they are losing — it’s how they are losing. Costly mistakes. I feel bad for Sam Bradford for having to play with a bunch of lazy, ungrateful, real pieces of work on offense that can’t defend him or catch a football, something they are paid millions and millions of dollars to do. I haven’t seen a team drop as many passes like the 2011 Rams have since the 2004 Seattle Seahawks. The Rams’ defense plays about as hard as you’d expect for a defense that is almost constantly out on the field, so I’m not going to slay them with vitriolic words, but the offense is an atrocious model of porous football. It’s sad that, ten years ago at this time, the Rams wielded the greatest offense in NFL history, and now, ten years later, the offense is merely a peewee football team playing against a bunch of snarky pro ballers.

The Rams have the Packers, Cowboys and Saints next, respectively, all in that order after their week five bye week. They will manage to make all three teams look like a collective, monumental group of superheroes… The Avengers?

I’m still a firm, firm, firm believer in Steve Spagnuolo. I know that not all is lost, being in the NFC West, but something needs to be done. It’s time to catch some footballs and do something with ’em, especially when defenses are giving you free shots to accelerate your game to another level. Maybe there’s something in the air in St. Louis?

To Lambeau Field and Cowboys Stadium the next two weeks following the week five bye. I dread it. I dread it. I dread it. I dread it. I dread it.

Oh, and the Cardinals (the baseball ones) are down 1-0 in their NLDS series against the vaunted Phillies. Game two is in a couple of hours. Cross your fingers, Cards fans.


One thought on “The 2011 St. Louis Rams: Droppin’ the Ball

  1. We in Philadelphia are not pleased with your St. Louis Cardinals after Sunday night’s debacle. Happy to give you one win but that’s it. As for those Rams, the Eagles are probably less than thrilled the Rams remain winless since it is the only team they managed to beat so far this season…

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