Through the good and the bad, Marc Bulger valiantly wore the number 10 blue and gold St. Louis jersey on Sundays for over seven years.

From being touted as one of the best quarterbacks in the league after his solid 2006 season to being dubbed one of the absolute worst at starting that position, Bulger played football.

He retired a couple of days ago after a season of carrying around a clipboard for Joe Flacco and the Baltimore Ravens.

Bulger tried his absolute best during the bad years with bad coaching, bad receiving and a bad offensive line. By the end of his playing days in St. Louis, he was a battered, timid quarterback that could no longer deliver smooth, accurate passes as he did years before the end.

Cerebral, quick release, accurate, cool and collective. Bulger took quite a bit of heat over the years from a portion of the Rams fan base for not being a ‘get in your face’, rah-rah guy, because some people believed that was the only way to show leadership. Bulger was a consistent presence, good or bad. He just wen tout there and led by example, and I’m now OK with that.

Like any good quarterback, you give him protection and weapons to utilize, and he’d get it done. It’s a shame that he ended his Rams career without much of either of those two things. I appreciate everything he did for the St. Louis Rams organization and wish him well in his retirement from the game of football.


3 thoughts on “Mahalo, Marc Bulger

  1. Marc Bulger was a study in courage as he flailed about the field trying to stay alive for most of his career. I always rooted for him to do well. Nice you took the time to note his “passing” from passing…and running…for his life. Get some rest, Marc. God knows you earned it.

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