With all of these BS Miami Heat/Philadelphia Eagles comparisons, I feel that it’s worth mentioning the 2004 Philadelphia Eagles, the forgotten team that won the NFC and lost to the New England Patriots in Super Bowl 39 by three points.

Nobody remembers that team now. I blame the generation of NFL fans that were born in ’96-’98… but I digress.

In some circles, the 2011 Eagles are being referred to as the Miami Heat, and I have no idea why.

2004 Donovan McNabb >>>>> 2011 Michael Vick
2004 Terrell Owens >>>>> any of the Philadelphia wide receivers

But Troy, the defense back then isn’t as good as it is now! Are you kidding me, Troy?! The 2004 Eagles… REALLY?!

So what? McNabb and Owens were fire and ice… until, y’know, the whole WWE style feud began and verbal poo was flung back and forth between the two fellas.

None of that is worth mentioning, though, but I just wanted to bring up the 2004 Eagles just to bring them up. I enjoyed watching that team, and I hate that they are not even being mentioned nowadays. Maybe I’m over-generalizing, though.

Why do we have to label teams as such and such? Why can’t we just recognize them as prospective solid teams that might do this/that?

The 2011 Eagles are being thrown at our faces, and I don’t blame them… I blame the overzealous media who doesn’t mind making us — the football fans — sick and tired of every single team that happens to make a splash in free agency every year. It’s the 24/7 social media news cycle.

I don’t have much to say about this year’s Eagles, because I haven’t seen them play. If I remember correctly, near the end of last season, teams started figuring out Vick and putting a stop to his run-around shenanigans. That was last year, though, and perhaps he’s made some huge strides, but I find it hard to forgive the media for wanting to hand him the MVP award after a Monday night football game against a porous Washington Redskins team last year. Our instant reactionary society really hit that one out of the ballpark, didn’t they?

Nonetheless, I’m excited to watch the Eagles play, and that holds even more-so true in week one when they take on a hungry St. Louis Rams team that’s in the third year of the Steve Spagunolo campaign.

Let the season begin already!


3 thoughts on “Did People Forget About the 2004 Philadelphia Eagles?

  1. Troy, shoot me an e-mail at sportsattitudes@comcast.net when you get a chance. I want to see what you’ve been up to and exchange some thoughts. In the interim, you know from my post we are all ready in Philly for shots of the Big Three/Miami Heat through the disco smoke every time a feature on the Eagles is shown on ESPN this Fall. Part of the territory when you go all in for a title from now on…

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