I like baseball — I don’t love it. I never had the emotional/sentimental connection most kids experience when they are young and they play catch with their fathers. I passed a football with my dad. I shot hoops in the driveway with my dad. As for baseball, I always liked it, but I never felt a rapport with the sport itself.

I enjoyed the steroid era. I enjoyed watching all the homeruns and admiring all the jacked arms. I also thoroughly enjoyed the St. Louis Cardinals and their World Series run in 2006. I feel passionate about the Cardinals, but I merely ignore the rest of the league for one team.

After a couple of months of having absolutely no headlines besides ones regarding Albert Pujols and Buster Posey having his season ended, the new hot topic is David Ortiz and his little bat flip against the New York Yankees. Joe Girardi is butthurt, and apparently the rest of the Yankees are, too.

This little ‘bat flip’ is being used by the media to use as an excuse for this little rivalry. As a non-Sawx/Yaynkz fan, I stopped caring about the rivalry after Johnny Damon went to New York. After the Sawx and Yaynkz play 500 times a year, I forget that there’s any hatred between the two teams…

But this bat flip is a headline? Excuse my rude, heavily blunt words, but who gives a shit if some fat ass that goes by the pseudonym ‘Big Papi‘ flips a bat after hitting a homerun? Don’t throw the dude a fastball. I can’t believe this is even making the news. I know baseball consistently struggles to produce entertaining headlines, but a bat flip by Big ol’ Papi is getting everybody’s panties soiled? Unbelievable.

Big ol’ Papi is beloved in Boston, yaddee-yaddee-yah, he’s their favorite Buddha and all that jazz, and the Yankees allegedly see this  little bat flip as probably some kind of insult.

Y’know, over the past couple of years, I’ve given the Chicago Cubs a lot of  hell on this blog, but at least they didn’t make too much of a ruckus over Albert Pujols’ little antics from his dominance over them last weekend.

Oh lawd. Sit down, Bawwhston/New Yawwk fans.

By the way, another headline: minor league player (and highly heralded kid) Bryce Harper blew a kiss at an opposing pitcher. Hell of a headline, baseball!


3 thoughts on “Red Sox-Yankees and the Bat Flip Blues

  1. I saw someone write Bryce Harper was one of the best stories up-and-coming for the sport of baseball. I could not disagree with any statement any more than that one. If that is the state baseball is in…good Lord. As for the Sox-Yanks, every twitch, every pitch is HUGE. Even if one team is trending South in the standings. That’s another thing people think is great about baseball…that series. Like it’s the ONLY series…

  2. I think this is making news just to have an extraordinary thing to report about. Just to make a buzz, in simple terms. Maybe to spiced up more the always running, hitting the bat catching the ball, etc. But, I think also this will really make the news because its not usuall and common to have a mistake or an error in the professional sports

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